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This is a discussion on 50g Photo Journal! within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Holy giant pictures, lol!!! . . .tank is looking nice, Austin! What did you end up using for your substrate? Pretty angel. . . ...

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Holy giant pictures, lol!!!
. . .tank is looking nice, Austin! What did you end up using for your substrate?
Pretty angel. . . they grow so fast!
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Old 02-04-2014, 01:22 AM   #72
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That one is practically the only angel without some bends in his fin... :(

Anyways, I used the tahitian moon sand and I love it! :) it looks nice. Although I can see their pink poo all over the substrate. And I don't think my MTS are burrowing in much?? I haven't seem them burrow, and I see them laying around in the sand. And my angels eat some sand grains when they eat food off the bottom! It makes me worried! They spit it out but what I'd they don't! :0 but looks nice.

I got some more fish for the tank... 2 female guppies (for my lone me guppy and to provide live food for my angels), 10 neon tetras to add to my school (expecting 5 to live), and 2 German blue rams. 8 neon tetras died in one day... And the GBR are covered with ich. I don't even know how they are alive. (Heat treating now, the temp is up to about 84.5... a little higher.) I swear the petsmart by my house has the worst disease problems. It's interesting how petco is better in that regard. I think in the future I'll forgo the guarantee and lower the risk of introducing sick fish and buy elsewhere... Luckily none of those fish touched my 75g yet.
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UUUGGGGGG, ICCCCCHHHH, I'm so sorry to hear that, Austin! I hope you get it cleared up quick, and that your newbies settle in well for you. . . it's funny, here the OPPOSITE is true of the chain shops closest to me. PetSmart has more or less healthy stock, while I avoid PetCo like the plague! Definitely go with where the fish are healthiest - that's where you want your money going, anyway. I prefer the (good) LFS here to either chain, and will often spend a bit more just to give them my support and keep them in business.

Glad you like the moonsand, I was wracking my brains for other suggestions for you, but coming up blank. . .my MTS burrow in TMS. . . not sure why yours wouldn't be, but maybe they are, and you're just missing it? I have rams in my TMS tank, they're substrate feeders and diggers and cichlids - no harm has come to them from the sand, and my loaches sift the sand through their gills, and seem healthy enough - I wouldn't be too worried about the angels, I'm sure they're allright!
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Thanks Jes :) I think it depends on the specific petsmart/petco location. I'm not sure why! The other family run shops around here aren't a ton better. The fish store 30 miles from me has pretty good fish. I haven't seen ich once. The worst I've seen is frayed fins. But it's quite far to drive. :(

The bad thing about the TMS is that I see mountains of poo. I think a lot of it is my nerite snails! And it's hard to suck up without sucking up sand... I don't mind a little sand sucking up but I drain it directly down my sink or toilet and I don't want the drains clogging. I'm sure I will get used to it though and find an effective way to clean it. It still looks nice! :D

Now I need to get some new lights. I want lights strong enough that I can have a layer of water lettuce on the top but still penetrates to the plants underneath :/ I could do 70 watts of t-8 life glo but I don't know that that will be enough. Probably need a 2xt5HO?
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Old 02-15-2014, 02:56 AM   #75
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So, a few updates about my tank....

1. The sand is getting dirty really fast with a layer of poo =(
2. I tested the water last night after about 5-6 days since a water change and the nitrates were under 5.0 ppm.... nitrite and ammonia were 0. I wonder if the water lettuce is sucking up the nitrates?
3. The drift wood I have is really changing the water brown and slightly cloudy! I just did a water change and it looks SO much better and brighter! I hope the tannins finish leeching quickly....
4. My angelfish have been really aggressive lately :( Only in the past week or two! The pinoy paraiba is abusing my pinoy smokey all the time lately! :/ I feel like he singles out the pinoy smokey.... he is mean to the others but not as much. I've been noticing some split fins from aggression.... And my zebra (see the following pic) is being sort of mean too... I feel like they MAY be pairing off since they don't seem to bother each other even when they are nearby. I think they are all maturing and developing the pecking order. I hope they sort this out soon and stop being aggressive... the pinoy smokey has a few white marks (missing scales) from where he was attacked.... but he's eating and otherwise doesn't seem stressed. Usually when I introduce new angelfish it takes a few weeks before the established angelfish stop picking on him, so maybe it's the new tank...

And a picture to wrap it up! :) I really love how this guy is growing up. He appears slightly shiny under the light (I wonder if he may have some "glitter" in him?), and since I moved him to the 75 gallon, his black strips are finally showing; they used to be fairly pale and he'd rarely make them dark. As you can see, his anal fin is split a bit from some aggression...

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Old 02-15-2014, 03:11 AM   #76
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He certainly does have some shine to him, what a stunning looking fish. How can such delicate looking fish be so aggressive, you can certainly tell they are cichlids. Does sound like your plants are using up the nitrate, looking at it you aren't heavily stocked and you have a good few plants in there.
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Old 02-15-2014, 04:25 AM   #77
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Thank you! I know the breeder has some "glitter" fish, and it wasn't discussed whether or not these fish would or wouldn't have it, so who knows! :)

They were so peaceful when they were younger....

I didn't think I had that many plants... and since I just planted I didn't know if any were actively growing yet... most (crypts) melted a bit so lots of rotting plant pieces...

Here's some more pics...

Here is the smokey pinoy.... He's beautiful, but his fins are very screwed up :( I'm not sure if its bad genetics or my fault...

Here's a full tank picture.

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Old 02-15-2014, 05:01 AM   #78
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i'm wondering if it's genetic,i have the koi in the jewel 300 and
the fins are the same as yours are showing,so you can't tell me the tank is
too small and it's caused the damage….are we experiencing something
here ?
shame you're not near to me you could have had my other pair of angels.
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Old 02-15-2014, 05:16 AM   #79
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Hmmmm. I think it may be, because I clipped them to see if they would grow back normal and they are growing back exactly the same as before.... But it's strange because I got them from a very well-reputed breeder... I don't really like it :( I prefer straight, pert fins. I'll just have to accept them as they are :P! And see how they turn out as they grow up.

What kind of angels do you have? You don't want them? Haha I want more but I am out of room! Lol.
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Old 02-15-2014, 08:50 AM   #80
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they were just all in a tank together(please excuse my lack of knowledge)
scalare ?
and the koi has the bent fins,it's not the bent fins that bother me,it's the
hassle they give the other fish when they lay eggs.
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