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This is a discussion on 50g Photo Journal! within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> I think Altums are beautiful too, Barry. I have a single Koi that is almost silver dollar size now, in my community 55 gallon. ...

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I think Altums are beautiful too, Barry. I have a single Koi that is almost silver dollar size now, in my community 55 gallon. I have only one, as I'm not interested in breeding, and I'd be too afraid of fights. I have a very peaceful tank. I've only had my angel for about 7 weeks, and it was quarter size when I got it. And I do feed twice a day, a variety of foods.
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Yeah mate there a very nice fish, some good videos on the web of them being caught wild, thankfully they dont grow to there full size in an aqurium like mine. There fast growers rackinrocky, a good diet is they way to make them grow fast, av got dry worm cubes that press against the glass and stick, after a good feed a stick one off these in, the angels strugle by the end of it to swim, the four then sit in the corner feeling fat and hàppy with them selfs. Ive never seen any bullying between the 4, but it only takes a wrong one to cause damage to a peaceful comunity tank
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Old 11-08-2013, 08:56 PM   #33
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You are so right! It only takes one aggressive fish to set off mayhem in a tank! And I don't want to take that risk, so I keep my peaceful ones, and any trouble makers (has only happened to me twice) go back to the store.
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Old 12-21-2013, 01:26 AM   #34
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Ugh! How'd you get yours to grow so fast??? :o

Mine have... maybe doubled in size, which isn't too big. I'm afraid maybe I dwarfed them somehow. :/ I was feeding them once a day and the tank maybe started to get to 75 as winter came. Now I have a heater and it stays about 80, and I feed them twice a day to try to get them to grow!

Soooo I am having trouble resizing so here are some big new pics of my angels...

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Old 12-21-2013, 12:34 PM   #35
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Austin, your angels have grown every bit as quickly as mine has! (We've had them about the same amount of time, I believe, and mine has also doubled). Yours are just GORGEOUS! You haven't lost any, have you? Congrats on some AWESOME fish, and your tank is looking fine too!
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Old 12-28-2013, 02:31 PM   #36
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Goodness, they're PRETTY!!! The tank looks fantastic, too!
Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how things are going with you (sorry to have been so behind!) looks like they're going GREAT!

Keep up the good work! *GRINS*
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Old 01-05-2014, 02:34 AM   #37
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Thank you :D

Bendy fins. :(
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Old 01-05-2014, 09:09 AM   #38
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I remember ol' Bendy! He looks healthy and happy, though! That's the important part - he can be a little bit unique! A very lucky fish to have snagged such a great home in your tank! <3
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Old 01-05-2014, 11:00 AM   #39
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will they ever unbend ?
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Old 01-06-2014, 05:13 AM   #40
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Thanks Jes! :) This ones actually not the bendy one! It seems most of them have some bend in their fins. :/ Idk what I'm doing wrong! :( Well, I actually don't mind it too much.

Willow, I think the only way to unbend them is to snip their fins and allow them to regrow. The original bendy one was in with my rainbowfish and I posted having problems with them... the rainbowfish almost ate all of his fins! Now that I got rid of the rainbowfish his fin regrew fairly straight. I think as they get older they sort of "grow into" the bends where they sort of straighten out to be more curved than bent. But we will see!

I keep the water fairly pristine I think. I change 50% a week which is more than I feel a lot of people I talk to do. Maybe the tank isn't tall enough or something. I probably should have gotten standard fins! The veils bend way too easily I think. And the standards do have enough fins I think! :P

Here's a picture of my pinoy paraiba:

In the first picture you can kinda see his blue/green shiny spots coming in! :) Above his eye and by his gills. The picture it is hard to see in. (And see how he has bendy fins too??) Here's a picture of what I mean:

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