$5 for two tanks.
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$5 for two tanks.

This is a discussion on $5 for two tanks. within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Today I got these two tanks for $5. I think it is a pretty good deal. What do you think? They are each 20 ...

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$5 for two tanks.

Today I got these two tanks for $5. I think it is a pretty good deal.

What do you think?

They are each 20 gallon.

I am going to start on 1 this weekend,cleaning,buying filter ect.

OK, I would like to hear some suggestions on what gravel,live plants,and ornaments I should put in this, I will pick the best suggestion.

It will have
1-Male Convict Cichlid 3 1/2" long.
1-unknown sex Convict Cichlid 1/2" long--(will be taken out when sex is determined)
1-Standard black Pleco 6 1/2" long.
3-Small Trap Door Snails 1/2" wide.

GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS EVERYONE,AND I WILL BUILD IT AND POST THE PICTURES! right now I have a bit of money to just splurge on gravel,live plants,and ornaments so tell me what you want to see.

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i see a good deal there. cant beat 5 buckeroos.
i also see a problem with the pleco, since most plecos grow to about 10''+ and need a 75-100+ gallon tank.
im not very knowledgible on cichlids, but im pretty sure males are aggressive and territorial ( could be wrong about that )

as for substrate, i would suggest eco-complete or sand with added root tabs. this allows your roots to easily grow.

as for your plants id suggest browsing www.liveaquaria.com to get an idea of what types you like, a price range and what lighting requirements you will need to meet.
i suggest for a 20 gal. a few different medium (mid ground) plants for your back and a few small (fore ground) plants for your front (mosses,dwarf hairgrass,dwarf baby tears all make nice,short plants for the front of your tank), and you may be able to do one or 2 large (back ground) plants against the back wall.

a piece of malaysian drift wood is always a nice touch

whats the piping connecting the two tanks?
what kind of filter you plan on buying?

dont forget to CYCLE the tank :D
def. dont forget to keep us posted
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How come the pleco's not going in your big tank? Do the oscars bug him?

Other people might disagree, but I think you could house your convict pair in one of those, unless they don't get along with each other or something.

As for the other one...gosh, with those big cichlids you've got, I'd be half tempted to use the other 20g as a feeder guppy breeding tank. I've got a 29g cycling right now that's gonna be a grow-out tank for a Jack Dempsey, and I'm gonna start a 10g up to breed feeder guppies for him. Plus, my killies love guppies, too.

Or, to contrast with the big fish you've got, you could do a bunch of small schoolers in one of the tanks. Maybe 6 harlequin rasboras, 6 hatchets, and 6 cories?
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Well, my big tank has a pleco about 13-14" long. The pleco going in to the 20gal is the guy that is in the 10gal right now.He is out growing it and pooping more than I can clean.My Male convict is in the 10 gal also. They both are in need of a bigger tank and a 20gal would be best till he is big enough to join the pigs.(Oscars).By the way,my two Oscars wont seem to stop growing! what up with that! :) . I guess it pays off when you feed them a varied veggie and fat/protein diet. they are so big and lazy that they REFUSE to chase the home bred convict feeders I put in there. :) . the only way they will eat them is if I hold on to the feeder and they ofcourse bite half of my thumb in the process. :) .

I like your Ideas of plants onefish2fish!
It will have a 30gal hanging filter.
large air pad.
the pipes are from when the tanks were all conjoined at a LFS. A 1" threaded pipe cap will close the hole.

What does eco-complete look like? Never hear of it before. And I will need a little advice on how to secure the plants once I purchase them.

thank you!!
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have a look at Kates tank,shes used that,and it looks really nice.
great deal you got there too. :)
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Old 08-15-2008, 06:08 PM   #6
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ok, got it! thank ya mucho!
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no worries. :D
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i am jealous of your super-crazy-awesome bargin!!!
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never can have too many tanks~ :)
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