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20gal tall set up

This is a discussion on 20gal tall set up within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Yea the bigger gourami fall under "semi aggressive" and do best with slightly tougher fish around them. I'm sure the betta would enjoy solitude. ...

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Yea the bigger gourami fall under "semi aggressive" and do best with slightly tougher fish around them.
I'm sure the betta would enjoy solitude.
Your other tank is about 53 gallons by my calculations- it'll probably end up around 50 depending on how much decor you add in there.
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Okay cool thought it was a little bigger but don't matter now was going over it and notice my back right side has a mega chip to what looks like the silicon on the inside.. dont know how it didnt bust open when it was filled up out my back porch! But after looking around petsmart has a topfin 55 setup lights, cover,heater that looks to be as long as my old tank just ot as wide and a little taller, do you think the old stand will hold it? it's 50" long 17"wide 25"tall made out of what looks to be 2X4. sanding it atm and going to re-stain it. Here are some pics of the stand and of the tank and its chip(clickable thumbnails).

Trying to stay on somewhat of a budget why the $200 price tag on a 55gallon set up seems not to shabby only thing i'm unsur eof is the filter system they give.. its a Top Fin 60 Power Filter with 2 cartridges and im more a fan of canister filters on larger tanks. They also have a 50 gallon hood/light combo for slightly cheaper $154.99 but i was planning on keeping my dempsey, a black ghost knife and possible a oscer in the tank so the 55 would seem better to me and for what i want. Also want to have it as a semi planted tank with lots of hiding spots for the fish so unsure to use smooth rock bottom, sand or a substrate for the plants like Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate,

So like i said im still a bit unsure over that detail but as always open to suggestions

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Can't help with the filter. But black ghost knives have the potential to reach well over a foot long, he may not be too comfortable even in a 17" wide tank. This fish lacks the ability to bend it's body, so it's turning is a little less graceful than most fish.
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i never gave to much thought to that fact on the black ghostknife and deff. wont want to get a fish that dont/wont work in the tank. Any recommendations besides a Oscer and pleco to add into the tank Giving its going to be rocky with live plants and with a jack dempsey ofc :P
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OKay so i decided i want to change from gravel to sand in my 20g. But unsure how to do so in a safe and with as little stress and possible to the fish. I was thinking of useing a smaller tank i have siphoning the water from the 20g to it and getting it as close to 50% full as possible moving the fish then putting the rest in/into 5g home depot buckets and doing the change then repate what i did back to the 20g... Is that a safe way to go about it or is there a better option i should explore? thanks for any advice :D
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Just realized i posted this in the wrong area for help so disreguard will post more pics soon and moved question to the right area :D
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