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With that many goldfish in a 30g they won't have room to grow, and will have a shortened life span. They can live up to 50 years IF you care for them correctly.


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I hate seeing so many people getting down like this. "You shouldn't be doing that. You should be doing this instead."

There is nothing wrong at all with a person having 9 goldfish in a WHATEVER sized aquarium if they can currently fit.

When/if a person's fish start to get too big for their home, it will become obvious. A mature adult will know how to handle it. Finding new homes or getting a larger aquarium aren't really hard things to do.

It's always the same people telling other members how many is too many. We'll all figure it out when the time is right.

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yeah i can see your point of view, i mean everyone has to start somewhere and will probably make mistakes. i guess im one of those people who likes to research the fish/animals i keep so i know what im getting into and don't have to constantly upgrade. if he does end up putting 9 commons in a thirty gallon, he will end up having to upgrade pretty shortly afterward, eventually ending up with a tank 100gallons or more to house them properly... either that or finding someone who owns a pond. i think the better choice would be to try tropicals first. goldfish really aren't as easy to keep as people assume.
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First things first, watts300 your completely correct...as to you jadedragon...jeesh man you really are dissin on my 10 gallon setup and my 30 gallon.

My 10 gallon consists of three goldfish right now, I've had this setup going for 3 years and nothing has occurred...my sister also has 6 common goldfish which are long in length for 7 years now in a 10 GALLON........there is nothing wrong with it....Yes you have to clean the tank more often, but its not a big deal. I don't mind.

Putting 9 of these goldfish into a tank 30 gallons large isn't a big deal. I have two filters running on the 30 gallon. and I take care of my goldfish more then I do my own dog. I know how to care for a goldfish tank, so pleassse stop hating on my posts, don't bother posting if all its going to be is dissing!
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im sorry if i came across as too pushy, but the title of this thread is 10gal starter tank, so i thought you were brand new to fish keeping. i guess i was just trying to help you avoid making a bad decision unknowingly. but now i find out that you've had this tank for 3yrs, thats not a "starter tank". if your going to do more water changes i guess thats fine.
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I love your beautiful tank! the fish are so neat. I like ten gallon tanks.
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