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Where Can I find a Large Tank Divider ?

Does anyone know where I can find a tank divider for my 125 gallon fish tank?
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I know of no maufacturers that make one for such a big tank. You may be able to make one using "egg crate" type light diffusers for suspended ceilings. I used a similar divese for a 70g some years back to seperate a pair of breeder juri paris when the male started geting a little rough with his foreplay.
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Not sure what your LFS stocks, but mine has a large adjustable divider. I doubt it could divide such a large tank though.

You know, you could always make one using a measured plastic frame fit with mesh. It would probably cost you like $20 total. :)

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if your workshop skills are good, you can go get some lexan in a sheet at home depot. cut it to fit, and silicone around it. the trick however, would be coming up with a way to circulate the water around it.

i take it back, i like the eggcrate idea better :D

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I think ill just get a piece of plexiglass and cut it so that its a tight fit and I wont have to use any adhesive...and I will drill holes for water flow...i think thats the cleanest looking way...
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