what are these caninsters
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what are these caninsters

This is a discussion on what are these caninsters within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> i keep seeing tanks with these canisters how do they work how does the water get in the tank how does it get out ...

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what are these caninsters
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what are these caninsters

i keep seeing tanks with these canisters how do they work how does the water get in the tank how does it get out is it like pool filter for fish tank or something i dont get it maybe im just stock in tank filter land i wanna evolve lol
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Its kinda like a pool filter I guess. There is a sealed "canister" of water which houses the media and impeller. There are two hoses that go from the tank to the filter, one is the filters intake the other is the output. Water goes from tank down into canister, goes through the media usually starting with the bottom media then working its way back to the top. Then gets sent back into the tank.

Here's a good video on canister setup. This one how they work/go together. What media is used is up to the user. I use the same model in the video and its just filled with sponges, filter floss, and some ceramics. The water flow from the bottom basket to the top, media should go from course to fine in this manner.
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They work quite simply by drawing water through a siphon into the canister container. In the container, the water goes upward through a number of filter baskets that contain your filter media and then return to the tank using a pump at the top of the filter. I have a few pictures of one from when I cleaned it that may make the insides of a canister a bit less of a mystery. This is a 3 basket filter made by Rena called a XP3. It is a canister made for a fairly large tank. They also make smaller canisters for smaller tanks.
Bottom basket in place with 4 sponge filters stacked in it.

Second basket in place with bioballs in it.

All baskets in place, the top one contains pot scrubbers

Stack of baskets sitting on a towel on my desk

Assembled filter before moving into place and connecting to the hoses through those connection points that you can see on the top of the impeller housing.

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Nice step by step pictures Oldman!!!

All Canisters are pretty much built the way you see in these pictures, some are square, some round, but the system is the same. Water will be sucked outta your tank via hose into the canister, goes through 3-4 different types filter media and sprayed back into your tank.
This is a very efficient filtering for larger tanks. I had the Eheim's systems on my larger tanks for yrs now and love it. Specially if you deal with planted tank and have the option this way to adjust spray bars its wonderful.
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