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Water temperature won't drop!

I am having an issue with getting my temp to drop. It's been sitting around 81 degrees for well over a week. I am using a submersible heater and it is set at 76 degrees. I do not run my lights all day , I use a air stone and a 20" bubble wand along with two filters. I have two thermoniters and they both read the same. The tank is located in our basement with zero sunlight on it and no heat vents near it. I'm concerned that the oxygen levels are going to drop due to the water temp being higher then I would like. I've been checking to see if the heater is coming on and I have yet seen the light on. Any input will be very appreciated.
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The heater won't cool the water it'll just, well.... heat it. Try turning it off and see if the temp falls but I run a couple of my tanks at 82-84F and the fish are just fine with only a filter for aeration. I honestly wouldn't worry about it unless you're trying to keep coldwater fish.
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Yeah, I know what the function of the heater is! I put it in the post to make it clear that it is not causing my temps to be high. I unplugged the heater and it has dropped 1 degree since yesterday. It looks like I have nothing to worry about. The fish are fine and they appear to be happy.
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I would not worry either. The whole oxygenation issue is largely theoretical.

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what's the temperature in the room the tank is in ? (sounds silly i know)
how big is the tank ? (larger tanks, longer to change temperatures)

i'm sure the tank is getting some light, ... what kind, how much ? (i don't see it having a large effect on heating the tank, but better than ignoring the possibility

how many watts of power supplies everything for your tank ?
-anything else ?


i did have a heater that died, ... no matter what it was set to it was 'on', at 80-something i pulled it out and playing with it, no matter what it stayed on, ... so it found a new home in the garbage.

as you said, your heater doesn't stay on, ... (or stays off as far as you can tell - a dead indicator LED would suck), if you're seeing the temp. drop after it was unplugged, ... i won't say the heater is primary, but i wouldn't rule it out.

try putting it in a bucket of cold water, if it does 'turn on' then it's temp gauge may be defective

ack, i've been doing tech support for too long :(

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The basement stays around 70 degrees. It is a 60 gallon tank and the only direct light it gets is the two aquarium hoods (incandescent lights). I'm not sure on how many watts I'm pulling to run the tank. Never really thought much about it until now. I pulled out the heater and turned up and the indicator light did come on. Turned it back down to around 76 just to see if the tank will drop down to that temp. I'll end up raising it to 78 degrees and keeping it there. The temp is at 79.5 degrees now, it just seems like it takes a very long time for the temp to drop. I'm sure that's good for the fish.
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Correction, hoods are fluorescent not incandescent
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for your heater, good to hear your indicator light is working. :) yay

i'll still side with the bucket, but for a different reason

get a thermometer and adjust the heater till the bucket temp is being maintained at a right temperature (as per the thermometer) as, in your shoes, i wouldn't be trusting the temp. gauge on the heater unless it maintains it's listed temp at the same reading your getting off a thermometer.
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