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Question Very first fish since childhood

Hey all! I've been researching away about this all evening but I still have some questions. I plan to keep a beta and eventually maybe others in a 20g long that I have. I already have the beta. (His name is Scarface.) He was a freebie when I went with my friend to the fish store today and they were having a huge sale. I figured they weren't accurate about the little teeny bowl they said he could live in but I didn't think they'd be so damn far off! I did a small amount of Googling on my phone before I decided to take one and read that they need a large surface area to breathe so I went and got the largest vase I could find at Good Will, it ended up measuring 1g with a large amount of surface area. They promised he needed nothing else besides the little $7 bowl with gravel, water conditioner, and food so I don't have a heater nor a filter and I can't get one for another couple of weeks.

Could he live in the 20g without a filter or heater for a couple of weeks? If so, will it require extra water changes? How often? Is there anything I can do to try to warm up the water?

The tank formerly held a snake and it is pretty dirty. What should I use to clean it since I'm not supposed to use soap?

How do I know what size heater to get? I found some chart but it's on so I'm not sure how accurate it is.

What kind of filter should I get and how big? My friend suggested that a 50g tank filter would keep the water extra clear, is that good or bad or neutral?

Eventually I want to get plants so I guess I will need a light. There's a light from the reptile who formally occupied the tank would that suffice or does it depend on what kind of light it is? It's the kind with the light bulb and the silver hood.

Same questions about an air pump. Needed for a beta and maybe some friends or no? If so what size/how big/do they even come in sizes?

Water testing kits? To get or not to get? If so how long does a kit last or will it tell me on the package?

At the store they had PVC in some of the tanks for the fish to hide in. Is that safe for them?

Sorry for so many Q's. I can tell you about dogs, cats, and rats all day but fish I know nothing about!
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okay lets start with the filter the filter would usually say on the box if it is for a 1 or 90 galon tank just depeneds ps is awsome

you can still use your other snake tank is if you want to spend more money on a fish safe cleaner here is a web site for one API Safe & Easy Aquarium Cleaner at PETCO or if you dont want to spend money on that hot water and a non washed nonused rag will do

yes he could live without a heter and a filter for a couple of weeks try to clen once every two weeks or so but iv3e readthey need an airpump but they must not because pet store dont have one in every bucket

ive keepted my fish in the past in an old snake tank to the light didnt hurt them so i guess

it dependes about buddies is your betta mean if he is it might not be the best choice but if he is not then okay put whatever you want

if i have missed a question just ask me again
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