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Two filters?

OK, i've been having a clear out of all the toot that accumulates under my various fish tanks (and my goodness isn't there a lot!) and i found my spare filter, a tiny little box thing that came with the 10g tank, which i soon upgraded from, but haven't used since.

I thought i'd press it into service again. My 10g is pretty well filtered, but a little more never hurts, and it'll mean i've always got a spare filter matured and working well should i need to quickly set up a hospital tank.

My question is this: for maximum efficiency and best filtering, where should i position the two filters in the tank. My thought was that they should go at opposite ends, to promote good circulation.

Any suggestions?
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i have had 2 filters in a ten gallon tank before, it works well if you put them on opposite sides, you can also put them close together to create an area of currant and a calm area, which fish find more entertaining, but probobally doesnt benefit circulation, remeber if you have small fish they could become exhausted and stressed with 2 much currant. :)
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i would put them on either sides.

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Thanks for your help there folks, but after a rude awakening at 6 this morning i have discovered that the most important criteria for placing the filters turns out to be "Do not place the filter anywhere that your crayfish can use it as a step to try and escape..."

Oh dear...
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ack is he ok?

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Yeah, he's fine! Fortunately the tank is in my bedroom, so i was woken by the little lid bit that covers the feeding hole on the tank falling off, so managed to prod him back in!

The tank then got re-arranged so he can't get out - He's sulking cos i took out his favorite bit of bogwood, and the tank is looking a little bare at the moment. I'll nip down the LFS tomorrow and see if there's any cave type things he can hide in that ain't tall enough to provide a free lift to the lid!

Meanwhile he'll have to do with a coconut shell!
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could been worse.... i had a crab that got out of the tank and down the hall 20 feet.

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yea my friend had a crab that climbed up the air hose for a bubbler and got out and then tried to make a getaway but ended up kitty food
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