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Originally Posted by caferacermike
Ron Jones your tank looks great. It certainly was not that "filled in" about 4 months back, the last pic I saw.

1) Chris did a thorough tank cleaning and plant "straightening up" last month. (Had been 6 months since I "got this money pit to going".)

2) The "high end polishing filtration" is really helping with algae (believe it or not).

3) Contrary to most posts in "our favorite 2 forums" but not to some of the literature the Flourish is really helping (ie. with the correct amount of Flourish the plants are "outcompeting" the algae for the nitrogen).

Originally Posted by caferacermike
Everybody knows I'm a lighting freak but I'm going to stay out of this one unless the advice starts to get bad. It seems fair enough.
I'll keep my high end lighting to myself.
But for that price of $200 for PC lighting I can set you up much nicer...
With the cost of your saltwater fish, other live saltwater creatures and hardware you have to be!!! (With the minimal saltwater research I have done lighting is way, way more important than is filtration
as the various invertibrate "handle" the filtration.)

Yes!! Please do so or you will "get dakrat and I screwed up" with post doctoral material while we are still at the sophmore level!!

Please post as you will not hurt anyone's feelings as we are all only trying to help!


BTW when Chris and I make our (Chris shopping) Austin road trip after the 1st of the year (hopefully: I may be in for 10 more days of enjoyment) I will bring photographs of my office in my offices and you can help me with "my thinking" on setting up "the monstosity". (I know you like Eheim(sp) but
I am going with wet/dry fabricated based on my experience [ie. many chambers, multiple water surfaces, etc].)
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you guys have been really helpful. thanks for the inputs.
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Originally Posted by caferacermike
....Everybody knows I'm a lighting freak ... But for that price of $200 for PC lighting I can set you up much nicer...
Doesn't surprise me that I paid too much for my lights. (First big tank ever.) Please, please, please, let me know how I could do better, as I have a 75 that I will need to get the equivalent of 3.5 wpg over.

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