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Surface Agitation

This is a discussion on Surface Agitation within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> By surface agitation I mean breaking the water pretty much. I'm probably using the term incorrectly as I'm very new myself....

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By surface agitation I mean breaking the water pretty much. I'm probably using the term incorrectly as I'm very new myself.
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You won't always see it from above but definately from below and with the light on for sure. Possibly you are not seeing it if you have plants also supplying oxygen to the water. Do you have any kind of air stone or co2 bubbler thingy for your plants? that would cause surface agitation as the bubbles break the surface. I don't really know the science, maybe Byron will add to this if he sees it. I'm glad it all worked out.
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I can't really speak to surface slime...except to say that nearly all stagnant pools seem to have it!
A canister filter alone does not oxygenate the water unless the return line is above the water line in some way. Now I'm not necessarily suggesting a spray bar. I have a couple of HOB power filters in play and I also have a bubble wall on left side of the tank (as you can see in my avitar). I believe that bubbles breaking the surface not only highly oxygenate the water but also aid in the release some unwanted gases. If your tank is heavily planted with living plants, perhaps this is less of an issue. If/when fish are gulping at the surface, I think I'd suspect O2 depletion in the water if I didn't have ample mechanical aeration.
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