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yes.......Ive used it with out a problem. I just ran cold water over it before placing it in the tank.... nothing more to add..sorry
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Ok I have some experience with super glues cause i use them to build RC model planes.only its called CA Glue we use for the planes.But it contains the same active ingredient most all instant cure super glues contains a chemical called cyanoacrylate (C5H5NO2).. Cyanoacrylate molecules start linking up when they come into contact with water, and they whip around in chains to form a durable plastic mesh. The glue thickens and hardens until the thrashing molecular strands can no longer move.As to the use of it for aquariums I wouldn't use it because it gives off fumes as it cures witch burns your eyes if get to close to them.Some of the CA glue for the model planes i build actually smokes and gets hot as it dries.I would be concerned that it might slowly break down in the aquarium water and start giving off poisiness chemicals.Cause it takes moisture to activate it to cure so it could prolly start to break down if set in water for long periods of time...(Just my opinion)
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That is interesting, I have been told by hardware people that once it is dry it inert. I guessit depends on the types and some may be bad for such applications. I wonder how much of the toxins actually can leech after beng put in the water if a small amount is used? I have seen many that use it without problems but like most things like this, more is definately not better and could be an issue of amounts and maybe not getting a complete cure before putting it in the water. Very good points.
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silicon non globing method

take a power drill and small bit (depending on size of project) and instead of clipping off the end, just drill straight in there
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100%Cyanoacrylate(dont quote me on the spelling)is inert once dry but commercial glues use other addatives that may leach into the water but on the other hand the amout should be to miniscule to have any effect
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Like other modelers, I use cyanoacrylate glues a lot. My guess is if you let it thoroughly dry and run water over it, it won't hurt the water.
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