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the 10g tank i have it in has a plastic wall hangey viney thing (the technical term) that covers it, uber mech filtration, low current for nicodemus, and i dont have to look at it.... ahhh perfect :)

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I pers don't think they're all that bad; even like the big hamburger mattenfilter I had back when I just let it get covered with Java moss so after few weeks into the set up it simply looked like a moss wall not a filter and it worked on top of that; I was happy with it

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I stopped a couple hours ago and got the pre packed aquaclear 30 bio media bag to go in the bottom of it for my own piece of mind. the thing is a mech monster! im loving it, going to add one to all of my 10g tanks and do away with my 3i filters. I love the 3i dont get me wrong, but they plug up too fast.

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I use Hydro-Sponge filters driven by air on a 55 gallon and a 75 gallon tank. Both tanks have a long airstone laying on the bottom along the back wall to help circulate the water a bit more.
This arrangement seems to work very well, but if I were trying to use CO2, the bubbles would cause outgassing.

As far as I know, the old style "floss in a box" air driven filters aren't made in sizes suitable for large tanks, although you could probably use multiple filters.

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well, heres what i settled on. i floss style lee's air powered filter for one of my 10g planted betta tanks, stuck with the two tetra 3i (hob styleish, air powered) filters for my other 10g betta tank and my 5.5g betta tank, stuck with good ole fashioned eheim ecco 2236 and tetra HOB for my 110, the smaller not real hydro sponge oxygen plus in my breeder tank powered by air, and the same thing only bigger in my 20L along with a tetra whisper 10. my 55 now has a real hydrosponge IV with air and a penguin 200.

I think im set for now, but i want the oxygen plus teeny guys for my 5.5 and my other 10. with a splitter my new whisper 100 air pump should rock all of them, i would think! maybe even get the floss style filters if the mood suits me....

ill let you guys know how i make out.

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