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Sound proofing a cabinet with a canister filter in it

Hello all, I was wondering if any of you have any experience with sound proofing a canister filter. I currently have my canister filter in a cabinet under my 180 gallon fish tank. I have already hanged carpet inside the walls in the cabinet, but that only helped just a little bit. It seems that most of the sound the canister is producing is low frequency sound. I think I am going to build some kind of structure around the canister filter to block the low freq. sound coming from it. Anybody have any suggestions on material I should use? Or any other tips?
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What Canister do you have??? And you sure its not the impeller producing the sound?

For soundproofing; get foam sheets at the hardware store, something like 1.5-2" will do and then X amount for all inside walls of the cabinet there. You could also get acoustic foam used in music studio's but that's a lil more on the pricey end.

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If I couldn't make the filter quiet, I'd put it inside a styrofoam ice chest.

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I put the foam pipe insulation around the back of my stand in between it and the wall. Also, I put foam strips around the front doors where they hit the cabnet. That worked pretty good. I think too for you, you may put some foam padding under the filter to keep vibration down. That may be where the low hum is comming from.
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I'm not sure if you've solved this, but egg carton foam sheets are the best for the money.

Usually used for packing... I have it stapled into the walls of my cabinet. (and actually my filter is silent, its my friggin air pump that i'm silencing)

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