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Seeking a tank suitable for desk space

I used to keep fish many years ago, and I'm looking to get back into it. I am limited more by space than by budget, and I am having problems finding a suitable tank. I have about 16 x 8 inches of desk space to work with. This accommodates the 5-6 gallon tanks best, but if there are taller tanks of larger capacities, those are suitable as well. I've looked at the following options: Aquarium (5 gallon)

I don't like the hex or bow shapes because of the distortion they cause, and I've read that the pump speed on the Tetra kit is much too fast.

I'm comfortable putting together my own setup if only I could find the basic tank. I don't have good access to a local store, so I must get the equipment online. I found one promising lead, though I'm hesitant because there are no actual photographs of what I'd be buying (would the lid be able to fit a light and the necessary equipment?)

Any recommendations?
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Did you mean 16x8? (because that seems a bit small for what you are looking at).

I have a 21-litre hex on a little table next to my desk. The betta in there swims around and up and down and makes good use of the space. You don't really notice the distortion of the tank decor after a little while. Although it wouldn't have been my first choice, I've found the hex a good fit for my small space and one of my bettas.

I don't live in the States, so I don't have any specific suggestions for alternatives.
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After further research, I found that Aqueon makes exactly what I'm looking for, but to find it required some catalog snooping. This should serve my needs perfectly. The dimensions are 16.1875 x 8.375 x 10.5 inches cubed.
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Cool little tanks like this are a dime a dozen at yard sales. I have picked up 2 and 3 complete set-ups in a single day of garage saling for pennies on the dollar to give away as gifts to the kids in the family. I am talking maybe 3-5 bucks for tank, full hood with light, heater, back filter, gravel, and usually some decorations. Just add water and fish. No 2 of them are ever alike. I have 2 entire set-ups in the shed now - maybe 5 gallons each. One is a hex and the other is a bow front, but I have seen everything.

Food for thought, that's all. Glad you found a tank.

38 years in the hobby and counting
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i dont know the exact specs but fluval has the zen and edge and both are small, the zen is 5g i think and the edge is 6. They have a small base so it can fit easily on to smaller surfaces. Its also contain in itself so you dont have to worry about HOB filters, etc.
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