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post #21 of 30 Old 08-03-2006, 12:02 PM
Thats not bad! I wouldnt mind getting one myself...if they didnt get so big.

Look at this: an octopus for only $50!! Wouldn't that be cool to have
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If it was the only fish you have, I nknew people who's octopus ate there smaller fish's. I buy most of my stuff of of that sight.
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post #23 of 30 Old 08-03-2006, 12:06 PM
Do they have high quality fish on that site? Do they ship well? It seemed to me that shipping cost was a bit high.
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I shipping cost is about average from everysite that I've been to. I bought 2 red lyratail females, and they shipped wonderful being that it was a holiday weekend to.
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They have good prices on their fish, for example a Black Ghost Knifefish is only $12.99 but at my lfs they are $20.00
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But you factor in shipping cost and it's cheaper at your lfs. When I bought my fish they were on sale my lfs's couldn't get them and it cost the same price no matter were I got them. It's good if you order a lot of things. Because it is cheaper for fish online.
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post #27 of 30 Old 08-04-2006, 10:36 AM
I love liveaquaria! great place to buy fish
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post #28 of 30 Old 08-07-2006, 04:07 AM
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Thats neat, I've never seen them for sale. But you also live in the Philippines. There must be different fish there, right?
Brie, sorry for not answering this for a long time. I reread again and I saw your question.
In the Philippines, for aquaria, only carps and plecs can be seen. Actually the plecs are foreign species. They have invaded one marshland and 2 lakes already. The plec mentioned is a Hypostomus plecostomus. Let alone ripping fish nets and eating the local flora and fauna. Even the golden apple snails are foreign species. They are considered as pests as they eat plants and are commonly found in canals, rice paddies, etc.
Both species were introduced via the hobby of fish enthusiasts.

As for the stingrays, again, they are rarely for sale and are very expensive. One lfs wanted me to get that but I simply refused because the idea of getting it is bad as I don't have another tank and besides a large space tank is required.
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Originally Posted by Lupin
A lot can be said on the pros and cons between these two.
There's not much disadvantages with gravel.
For sand, one thing that can be a pain is that when they become compact, they create anaerobic spots. This alone produces much toxic gases thus killing the fish. You need to stir sand frequently to prevent compaction.

Brie is right about choosing substrate. If the gravel is sharp, then obviously your bottom dwelling fishes won't like it as their barbels get injured. Cories are the most vulnerable to this.

By the way, Brie,I have seen some freshwater stingrays in my two lfs but size is the problem. Even if I have to get another tank, this fish will still outgrow the tank. They are very rare and a few people can afford them.
that is actually wrong you can buy a teacup stingray for between 50 to 100 dollers and grow to the size of a hand
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Ohhh man! you don't even know, I've wanted a motoro stingray for SOOOO long, and I was doing all this research on them and whatever.

THEN my lfs actually got a whole bunch of them in, there was two big ones and maybe 5 or 6 pups. They were selling for 80 bucks a pop.

It was soooo tempting. But obviously out of the question because I do not have a 90 plus gallon tank.

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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