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Rock problem?

Found some nice rocks the other day in a river bed but they appear to have some sort of orangey iron deposit on thier surface. I say that its on the surface rather then part of the rock because it comes off if i put tons of effort into cleaning them, tho its impossible to get it all off. My question is - are these iron deposits likely to be danegrous when i introduce fish? how sensitive are fish to iron? should i look for some other rocks? the tank will eventually be heavily planted
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I would say, if it is still coming off the rock even after a good cleaning, it cannot be really good on the fishes.
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The orange is probably iron oxide, which means that even as you clean it off there's probably more iron in the rock that will cause problems. I wouldn't use it.

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agreed with iamntbatman. What are you wanting for fish???

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Originally Posted by mollies View Post
agreed with iamntbatman. What are you wanting for fish???
probably some cardinal tetras, panda corys, brislenose plec, shrimp (which i know are mega sensitive to copper)
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I'm no chemist but I suspect that since inverts are so sensitive to copper, they're probably similar to other metals with similar properties, likely including iron. I think that's all the more reason not to use these particular rocks.

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An easy test for iron deposits can be done. Chlorine reacts quickly with any metals like iron. It will rust tools overnite if they are stored in the same area. . Soaking a rock with iron deposits overnite in bleach and water will cause a rust stain which is easy to spot. Once you spot any rusty patches you know there is iron in the rock so ditch those as potential trouble.
Hope this helps.
Let us know how you get on.
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