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Rena XP3 leaking out the Power Cord Hole

First, my apologies if this has been taken care of in another post. I am violating my cardinal rule by posting without searching.

I recently purchased a lightly used Rena XP3. It has a coarse foam block in the bottom basket, polyfill in the top, and Efisubstrat in the middle baskets. All O-rings look and feel to be in very good shape. This is hooked to a 110 High Tank - 31" tall, on a standard stand, so the head on the filter is somewhee between 4' and 4' 8". I am running it with the standard intake and a spraybar without the flow regulator.

In any case, I set it up and ran it overnight, and, in the morning, it looked to have put out about a gallon of water. I took it down, inspected it again, discovered that the filter head was full of water and took the top off the head, and found no flaws. The only way that this could possibly be flooding (without causing a great deal of gurgling which did not occurr) is for water to get around the O-rings on the quick disconnect and flood the head. (There's a hole in the housing under the quick disconnect that appears to have precisely this purpose - to direct flooding out the powercord hole rather than out the top of the filter. I am at a loss to determine why.)

So I put it back together, put it in a storage bin under the tank to catch the water, rubbed some vaseline on the quick disconnect O-rings, hooked it back up, and it put out about another gallon in 6 hours right out the cord hole.

So, it appears that Rena prefers to sell replacement parts direct, and I really don't care to pay $8 shipping for a 40 part marked up to $4.99. With that said, Is there a solution y'all can think of that might stop the water from getting around the disconnect O-Rings and flooding the filter head?

I am thinking about first trying to bulk up the area around the o-rings with a couple of wraps of teflon tape. If that doesn't work, mnmy next step would be to cut a piece of rubberband to fit around each o-ring and secure that in place with a couple of warps of teflon tape. If that doesn't work, then I'll see if Petsmart (which arries Rena products) can order me the O-rings. Finally, last resort, I'll bite the bullet and pay the $12 to get them direct.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how this issue can be fixed? I really like everything else about the filter except that the bloody thing leaks.

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Well, for the record, wiping off the vaseline and wrapping a half dozen windings of teflon tape around the O rings on the quick disconnect head seems to have done the trick, for now anyway. It hasn't leaked in 4 days.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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