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post #41 of 218 Old 01-04-2007, 12:40 PM
no sharks are good for a tank your size, they will quikly out grow it.
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I must have taken the advice on getting a couple of danios too literally. I realized they needed a group, but I thought with cycling it could have been too many.
So I got the 2 zebra danios before heading to work. I saw the post before I left for work saying I should have at least 5, even for the cycling. On my way home I stopped by the pet store and picked up 4 more danios. So there are a total of 6 now. Very active, beautiful things!
My pet store will order anything I ask for. They get shipments in every tuesday also. Sundays they have 20% off all fish due to their upcoming new arrivals every tuesday. Their reputation for healthy good fish is out of this world. My friend/coworker used to work there so she knows who cleans it and takes care of everything in that dept. Talk about passionate and knowledgeable!
Thanks everyone for all the help so far. I know I'll be asking more questions and all in a matter of time!
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Great job but make sure you dont add in any more fish whatsoever until your tank is cycled. Good luck!
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Oh I know not to add any more until it's properly cycled and tested. I have a nice test kit, and I understand the importance of ensuring everything is okay:)
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ok, i hope you have a great time with your danios, i love thos fish, i need to get like 2 more though, 5 isnt enough
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Oh, i read this book and it tells you good things to keep in an average comunity tank for a 29 gallon, here it is

Here they are (here is the layout, 3-5= 3=easier magangment, 5=do more water changes)

2-3 Platies to cycle. Since its only 3 you should get 3 males and no females
7-8 danios added next or can be used to cycle
5-6 lemon tetras added after cycling
3-4 cory cats last fish to add

We can have a big long talk about what fish you want to keep in the chat room
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All 6 danios are swimming around, active as can be. I tested the water just now and here are my results:

Thanks for the suggestions musho. I'll take you up on your offer for that discussion in chat room sometime!
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hmm, how long have you had the tank, im not used to seeing nitrate levels that high that early. You should test your normal tap water without dechlorinating it to see if there are any nitrates or nitrites or ammonia being added to your tap water. If there is a high amount, forget the fish, immediatly contact your water company and warn them, ammonia is toxic to humans too!! If your tap water contains chloramines you will see some ammonia but if you use a good water conditioner it wont matter.
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Oh geez, wonderful. Just wonderful!
The tank was set up on New Years Day.
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well sometimes waterways add nitrates, if you have been drinking that water for a while dont worry about what i said.

go to this website to see what is added in your tap water

i gtg now, sorry
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