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Originally Posted by DanaJ
Any suggestions on an easier way to research different types of fish easily? Like a chart with a photo description, and important info about each fish? Something all in one place?
I had made a list of lots of fish species months ago.:) Not complete but the list has almost everything that are commonly available in your lfs.:)
As there are several species of danionins and rasboras, I had to link the wikipedia to the thread. There's not much time to even keep updating the list.

Here's one for Galaxy Rasboras.

PlanetCatfish: Cat-eLog(Corydoras)
Note that you can't see all species in the market. Some of the cories were never imported at all hence you rarely can see some of those cories.

Nannostomus beckfordi
Diamond Tetra

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Wow, nice links! When I have time tomorrow I'll go through them more carefully. Pretty exciting.
The diamond tetras are beautiful! Well most of the picture links are!
That planet catfish site is stunning! I'll have fun with that one too!
I can see why it's so hard to keep up with all the different types of fish and all that. Wow, overwhelming, but very interesting and fascinating!
Thanks again:)
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(Message deleted by poster)
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Do not get hatchet fish as a begginer. They great fish, nice personalities, friendly to other species in the tank, but they are very sensitive to water conditions, I mean VERY sensitive. I wouldnt suggest you getting it.
Glowlight danios are genetically modified so there half danio, half jellyfish. It is just like dyeing the fish so do not get glowlight danios. I would suggest leopard or zebra danios, whichever one you like more.
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I'm glad you mentioned hatchetfish and how they're so sensitive. Definately sounds like something I'm not ready for. It's okay though, I'm not sure they interest me as much as others, which is a good thing is this case.
I didn't know that about glowlight danios. They are neat looking, but again I had no idea about their background etc. I'll look into those danios you suggested.
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I started to look more into types of fish that I'd think about getting. I like the cardinal tetras, along with the leopard and zebra danios. How many would be good to get? Would they get along if I got tetras and danios?
Are there any types of sharks that are low on the aggressive scale and would get along with others? I was just curious. I'd guess it wouldn't be a good idea to have them in tanks with most other fish, especially not long finned ones.
I need to find another chart that shows the types of fish, their aggressive levels, and all those other important things.
I feel like I can't get anywhere as far as figuring out exactly what fish to think about, and who gets along with what. It's very overwhelming.
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My tank has now been set up and running since Monday. I used a dose of the dechlorinator that came with the kit the day everything was set up. It was the proper amount for a 29 gallon. I have not put anything else in the water.
When is it okay to add a few fish?
What kind of testing kits should I purchase? How do I go about testing it, and does it need to be before I add anything (I assume so)?
Would it be wise to start with some sort of cat fish or bottom dweller? Other suggestions? I'm eager to add a couple of initial fish, but understand it's important to be patient and to do things properly.
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I made a mistake, glo-fish danios are genetically modified, glowlight danios are not, sorry about this (its confusing)

To answer your questions

Starting off with a bottom dweller is alright as long as you research, Cories are hardy, but i will stick with starting off with a danio because those are really hardy and strong and almost immpossible to accidently kill
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I plan on going out tomorrow and looking at what a reputable place has. Should I start off with 1, 2, or how many danio for this initial process?
How long after should I add a bottom feeder to the mix?
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Arent danios fast feeders. Is there food to give bottom dwellers. I only ask because i was going to get danios once and the lfs owner told me not to because they eat so fast that slower eater will not get that much food.
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