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Originally Posted by DanaJ
It's an Aqua Tech? I'll try to find some info for you....
What kind of filter media does it use. Is it a bag filled with activated carbon, or is it layers of spounge, carbon, polyfibric stuff.
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Sorry, I'm really not good at this.
I believe the filter is more of the second thing you mentioned.
I'l still looking into the info for you.
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Okay, it's a BIO fiber cartridge that needs to be replaced every 2-4 weeks.

edited to add: Aqua tech power filter. the cartridge contains aqua tech pure activated carbon. it also says "Improved carbon. Works faster!"
double thick poly fiber pad, premium activated carbon, and patented ribbed backing.
Does that help at all??
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ok. This is very important so read carefully

As you obviously know the tanks "good" bacteria live on your gravel, ornaments etc it is not enough to sustain a proper amount to keep your tank without any ammonia. This is where the filter comes in. Bacteria will live in the filter media (filter media is what you use in your filter). It is important to have part of the filter never taken out and thrown away. This filter part is called the bio-medium. Good filters are ones that have 3 way filtration. Lets use a power filter as an example. The bottom part of the filter will be used for mechanical filtration (where debris is filtered out) the mechanical filter should be changed monthly. The middle part of the filter is a bag containing activated carbon. This is called the chemical filtration (the carbon asorbs impurities) you change the carbon monthly. The top part is the bio-medium It is where the bacteria should live, you should never change this.

Another good form is called a bio-wheel. This wheel sits at the end of the filter. It is never changed and it is a good house for bacteria.

There should be at least one part of the filter that doesnt need to be changed at all.
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Thanks for the info. I edited my previous post and put in more details.
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you could insert a specially designed foam plate that you put in front of your filter pad. Just change the BIO fiber cartridge monthly but dont change the foam plate. This works if you have a low budget
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Okay, I just went down to look at my filter again. There is clearly an area that says "DO NOT DISPOSE" so I'm guessing that has to be what you are referring to.
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what part says do not dispose?

Im talking about what goes in the filter. Is the cartridge just one thing? Or is is a separate 3 things?
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I'm guessing the bio medium is what says do not dispose.
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Is it in the water part of the filter?
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