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Please help with filter information

This is a discussion on Please help with filter information within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Originally Posted by Blue Originally Posted by elisa I think you know which filter I have. Yes, the water goes through the carbon and ...

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Please help with filter information
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Originally Posted by Blue
Originally Posted by elisa
I think you know which filter I have. Yes, the water goes through the carbon and the fiber. I will probably buy something else this weekend, one of the ones you put outside the tank? I know I don't want an underground one.
The ones I have are placed above the tank.:) I had removed the lids so the filter media are exposed to fresh air thus giving extra oxygen to my tank. I have to admit I do that because I keep hillstream loaches which unfortunately are far too demanding for oxygen.

Other filter media aside from filter floss and sponge are lava rocks, pieces of PVC pipes, ceramics(the ones designed for aquarium use), peat(lower pH, not necessary), oyster shells(increase pH; not necessary), gravel(placed in a bag), etc. There are several items to consider though I tried only a few.

External canister filters are filters placed outside the tank as well.:)

Are you serious I don't need carbon? I bought a small carton of it, and I was told that it was needed with the filter I have, otherwise it would only be polyester fiber in the filter? Hmm. If there is no carbon, then what is really filtrating/cleaning the water, just the fiber?
I have read your first post and you seem to be diligent in keeping up with water changes so I don't see why you still need carbon. Carbon removes medicines, tannins and the like, of course but they are a complete waste to me unless necessary(things have been posted in the same sentence).

Filter floss can remove small particles. Foam can remove bigger particles. I used only these things in my filter.;) Carbon is used only if I see yellowing of the water(sometimes I do because my schedule sometimes prevents me from doing water changes), use peat or medicines.:)
Hi Blue,
thank you very much for the info. I went and got an AquaClear 30 filter and so far I like it. It looks like I'll finally be able to grow a bacteria bed. :)

Of course now I have a new emergency: ICH :( my poor guppies. I will create another post for that.

Thanks again Blue :)
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