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Planning Ahead

Okay so here's the deal. I currently have a 36G Bow front tank. I know for a fact that in the future I am going to want to upgrade to a larger tank. I currently am leaning towards the 72G Bow front but I'm really not sure yet and we're talking a while down the road.

Anyway, on my 36G bow I am currently running an Aqueon Quietflow 30 and a Marineland Biowheel 150. They seem to be doing a good job keeping the tank looking very nice. Now, as I said, eventually I want to upgrade and I like to plan ahead. Obviously, I can't get a filter rated for a 72G tank and hook it up to this. Or can I?

I guess what I'm getting at is, can I eventually trade out one of my current filters with something a bit more powerful that I could eventually use to seed a larger tank. Obviously I would need another filter when I get the new tank, but this is just something to start with.

For right now it would need to be a HOB filter. I was thinking either an Aquaclear or Fluval C4. Is that too much for my tank?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

36g Bow - Retired For Now

20g - Retired For Now

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When you are closer to getting the new tank purchase your filter, and place the media from the new filter in your present tank in a media bag for a few weeks.
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