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Arrow That One Decoration

This is mainly for small talk, for people to share stories with. Has anybody ever have that one decoration that was really popular with the fish? For example, like a cave or something that serves as some kind of hideaway? I'm getting ready to get some new fish added to my tank and two of the decorations look like a tree log and the other a tree stomps, with holes in places and big enough to house multiple fish. I've started to think of the ones I've had in the past, in my old tank, that my parents gave me when I was starting out with the hobby. One was a cave that you can stick onto the tank wall with suction cups, and when I first bought a rainbow shark, at first it would chase other fish away, claiming it's territory, and my memory is not 100% accurate since it was decades ago, along the way I've bought some kohli loaches and a upside-down catfish that seemed to share it with the shark. The shark seemed to calm down enough because whenever it comes out, it seemed to get along with the rest of the fish, which included a Blue Gourami that I had for seven years. A few years down the road, I've got a decoration that looked like a centurion's helmet, which had only two holes. Anyway, this proved to be like a popular place for the fish since I remember I had algae eaters, a few kohli loaches, a catfish and a few others could be found in there a good portion of the time.
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I'm a beginner, and haven't really had very many 'decorations,' but I've also found that certain fish like specific hiding spots, or hang out in certain areas of my tanks. In my case, the decorations are driftwood, rocks, and plants, though! I think as long as you have something in there to offer shelter, and lend a feeling of security - it may not matter what it is! I've seen some interesting ones on some threads around here.
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i have a tree log kinda thing at the back of the tank,i've had it for years,
and it always proves popular with the loaches
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In my old tank, whenever my Mollies would have fry, the little guys would always hide in this ruin cave. I would lift it up and all of them came spilling out :)
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