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Have you ever heard of live rock and live sand in salt water tanks (regardless of sumps, skimmers and refugiums)? It happens in fresh water tanks too. The substrate in a mature tank, especially if undisturbed, is alive with beneficial bacteria in a very complex eco-system. Using a substrate bio-seed is viable.

But I realize from our 'discussions' in the other forum that you are a closed book with all the answers so discussion is futile.

Happy Holidays.

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Okay, okay. You have repeated it enough so now it is true. Everyone can take out their biomedia without problems, clean it completely, replace it, run hot tap water through it, and no one will have problems.

To anyone reading this:
Most of the bacteria are in the filter. Be careful with the media and assume it houses all your bacteria.

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Despite the small amount of bickering, thank you both for your knowledge and posting your replies.
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Sometimes I dunk my media in bleach just because I can.

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I'm pretty sure the biologist has a point, but at the same time there are micro traces everywhere, it's not always an absolute growth in one single area.

I agree, there will be concentrations of bacteria in the filter because it has high flow + oxygenation of the water will allow the bacterial to flourish in the filter media, but with enough flow the tank itself will have traces of bacterial growth as well, plants, gravel, and the glass.

I wouldn't also say that it's everywhere, (recommend looking at how bacterial colonize on a petri dish).

If there are dead spots(waterflow, heat, etc) in the tank, you can guarantee that there will be no bacteria living there. But there will be bacteria living in places where there is water flow, the filter may be the biggest place where bacteria will grow, but that's due to consistent food source in the water column to help pass through media. The same goes for gravel/plants, where flow is higher than the rest of the tank, that's where the bacteria source will be.

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