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Marineland Double Bright LED

Any one have the Marineland Double Bright LED on their tanks?
Wondering if it will work on a 55 gallon with some plants, java moss, pennywort, and thinking of getting some amazon sword, wondering if that will be enough light.
I have zebra danios and rainbow fish and corys in the tank currently.
I currently have a 2 48" T5 normal output fixture but i am having a hard time finding lamps for it, and wondering if the LEDs will be just as bright.
Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.
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Yup. I have a 24" on a 30".

The issue is, how deep is your tank? Mine is 20". I have swords, red ludwigia, dwarf swords that are doing well. New shoots on the swords, which is a good sign. I doubt they will reach their 20" potential... We'll see. The red ludwigia is not as red on the new growth so the intensity may be a bit low for the red varieties. I also have java moss , java fern , amazon pennywort and many more, they're listed in my tank profile.

You need to be a bit careful about floating plants as the lights are easier to block than a tube. I created a shadowed area by putting the fixture off centre and having my new floaters only on one side.

Check out my aquarium shots in my tank profile.

The individual bulbs are 1 watt and are 6500k.


Total years fish keeping experience: 7 months, can't start counting in years for a while yet.

The shotgun approach to a planted tank with an LED fixture

Small scale nitrogen cycle with a jar, water and fish food; no substrate, filter etc
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