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sry about the delay, I've been offshore working.... i live in Trinidad which is located in the Caribbean and yes it is a 500 gal tank lol.... and i know about filtration systems but i need to know a little more about this one.... as you can tell i am a working person who does not always have time to clean my tanks... as for the fishes i have in the tank, they are a 18" silver arowanna, a huge common pleco, pacu and a flowerhorn... i know they will turn on each other one day that is why i have already began constructing another 500 gal tank..... i am a guy by the way... the mess is mostly from the feeders and food which i feed them, which is insects and lizards.... the water gets cloudy fast and there are a lot of wings and such in the water....any useful info will be appreciated.....
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Well, multiple filtration systems is always the way to go, especially on a large tank. Generally it's good because if one blows out you're not completely out of luck.

Also, it would mean you'd be doing a little maintenance each time, instead of having to clean out one gigantic filter. In fact, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a single filter that would work for a 500 gallon tank.

Wet/dry filters or sumps are commonly used for large aquariums like this.

If you're looking for low-maintenance tanks in general, the aquaripure system is very good, as it removes nitrates which greatly reduces the need for water changes (which is obviously a big deal with 500g!). I'd combine that system with a high rated (as in as many gallons per hour as possible) canister filter. Aquaripure is actually a sponsor of this website, here's a link to their section in our forum, you can post and ask questions there about that particular system if you're interested. I'm sure they could help you figure out what supplemental filtration would be needed if you went with them:
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While the Aquaripure system seems good for removing nitrates the system doesn't remove particulates which is what the OP seems to want.
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Yeah, that's why I was recommending it along with several other filters.
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I'm not a huge fan of his Aquaripure system. Ok it removes nitrates - fair enough, but its the poo lying everywhere on the gravel and IN the gravel by my plec I need to vac up - and doing that gets rid of the nitrate anyway=why would I bother buying that filter then>!
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No helpful info.... Need to know about the bucket filter. The layers which need to be place in the bucket...
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Don't know if there IS a low maint. filtration system for your tank considering the foods you are offering. Were it me I would want excellent mechanical and biological filtration. Chemical filtration to help control ammonia may or may not be needed. There is some info you may find useful at www.rainbow- lifegaurd.com also an interesting article at philip.greenspun.com/aquarium/filtration-23k hope some of this proves helpful. :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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EDIT previous post, second article can be found doing google search : A rich persons guide to aquarium filtration . :( First article was pulled up performing google search for : Best filtration systems for large public aquariums. Maybe some of this will apply to you. Wish I had your Problem.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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