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Loud Filter suggestions?

I have this filter --> http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/prod/235865/product.web and it worked well enough until my most recent move (which, I think was this filters 3rd one.) Now I cannot get it to be quiet. Not only is it making a really annoying bubble spewing sound (like it keeps hitting a bunch of tiny bubbles in the spinning part) but it also makes a really loud vibrating noise. If I move it around I can get the vibrating noise to stop, but it usually comes back in about half an hour and I can't get the bubble noise to stop no matter what I do.

I'm not particularly mechanically inclined and I don't know anything about filters, so I don't know where to start. It's so loud that I can't really run it. I've just been running off the primary filter and with my little piggie fish, that means a LOT of water changes, something I don't have time for.

Any suggestions?
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Since it worked until the move, I suspect your filter has air in it, also by the description you provide. Possibly you could try re-filling it with water and starting it. Also I'm wondering if there is blockage with one of your filter modules that filter uses.

When googling Rena Smartfilter 55 problems, I do see that there has been a history of noise with it. The filter is the closest to a canister filter there is of all the HOB's out there, you might want to consider switching to a canister filter. Perhaps look for a used one in your local area (Craig's list?). Locally where I live I'm continually seeing used filters for sale. In fact I purchased a used Acquaclear 30 as a back up filter, seed filter and quarantine filter to be used with my Eheim 2232 on my 20 gallon tank.
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Thanks for the response. I have tried starting it and restarting it a few times, any emptying and refilling, but I guess i haven't completely emptied it ever. Maybe I'll give that a shot.
Thank you for the response.

My primary filter is a canister filter that I got used for a good deal, I just like to have two running because I keep goldfish in this tank an they're very messy. I think the canister filter is rated for up to 100 gallons though and my tank is only 50. I probably really don't need this Rena filter. I bought it new about a year ago, though, and I feel like it should have some more life in it.

I also have sand. Though I'm very careful tokeep it away from the intake, perhaps some got in there? Could that cause this problem? If so, is there anything I can do?
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Sand definitely could have created a problem. When you clean it check around the impeller. I personally prefer two filters 1) in case one dies 2) to use in an emergency hospital tank 3) use in a quarantine tank 4) act as seed source in a new tank.

I have a feeling your filter is being discontinued. In Vancouver BC every where I go I've notice heavy sale prices on it and places like Petsmart are discontinuing it. I think this filter just never really took off with the public, even though it really is one of the best HOB's out there. The replacement cartridges were much pricier than competitor's cartridges. You might even find a deal on one at Petsmart if you have one in your area. Here in Vancouver I can get one for almost half price. And most stores have them on deep discount.
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I do not believe rena is discontinuing that filter. Some store may not stop carring it, but Rena will still be making it. I have not seen any advertised clearance on it here in the US. For noise I would give it a good cleaning. Make sure you do the motor chamber and impeller very good. Noise from my experience is when the motor finds it hard to push or pull water through. Try swinging the flow control back and forth to get air out of the impeller chamber. Fill the chamber, then add the impeller back in. Start and stop it repeatedly.... these are also ways to rid a filter of air.

I dislike HOBs filters in general. My 55gal uses a Rena XP3 for a couple years and it is pretty quiet. It can make bubble noise if air gets in it. There are tricks to get air out of a canister as well.

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Thanks guys. I cleaned it out and messed with it a bunch and got the bubble noise to leave. Still kind of vibrate-ish, but i imagine that can't be helped. Anyway, it's tolerable. Thanks again!
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