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Looking at getting the 40litre for DP

I got someone to help me post a link to the page (gosh it was embarrassingly simple!!!) hope it works.

I don't know if this is a good deal - suitable tank set up for DP.

I have been told it'll be cheaper to build set up myself but unfortunately I don't know enough yet about the equipment to do this.

Can anyone explain in simple term how the filter works as I think it's built into the hood?? and the only filters I know of go into the water attached to the side on tank?

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in the U.S. a 10 gallon (which is about 40litres i think?) sells brand new under $20.
you then could get a HOB filter for $20, light for $10,heater for $10, a bag of play sand for $5 and be set. these numbers are estimates but your still under the price of that tank. infact im sure you could get a complete kit at a general store ( i dont think walmart is in england lol ) but something equivalent.

i personally wouldnt spend that much for that, but its your money. it is all in one so it comes ready to go but setting up your own tank isnt to difficult and would be cheaper.
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I agree....it is your money, but you can pick up that stuff up for cheaper than the price of that kit. I'm not sure what all is included with your kit as far as decorations and subtrate, but if you buy it all seperately you can customize everything to your liking rather than using their standard set-up!
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You get some real bargains in the US. To be honest I suspected as much - price a little high for tank size (although it looks sooo lovely) which is why I thought I'd ask you guys. If I do go for make ur own - buying a second hand tank I will need lots of help (like best way to clean out tank, filter, heater, lighting to get) - I'll look into it first though and see if it will be much cheaper bearing in mind I'll be buying British .
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i dont know if www.craigslist.com applies over there but it would hurt to check it out. basically its classifieds where you can find cheap/free/ - for sale/wanted ads
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we have asdas in the uk its walmarts bastardised offspring Aquarist Classified Adverts. Buy, Sell and Swap Classified Advertisments: Tropical Fish, Marine, Inverts, Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids, Discus, Koi, Tanks & Equipment. is the place to look for second had gear in the uk if your doing things on a budget standard type aqariums are the way to go i use and prefer nano types as they make better use of my limited space

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Thanks I'll check that out - so far I've found this one which I like the look of - what do you think? I don't know what the final bid price will be.

Arcadia Arc Pod 35L Glass Tank on eBay, also Aquariums Bowls Tanks, Fish, Pet Supplies, Home Garden (end time 01-Mar-09 20:50:34 GMT)
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40 L. Is 10.56 American Gallons
35 L is 9.24 american gallons

Liters to US Gallons (Liquid) conversion chart - Volume conversions

New stupid question i can't believe i am asking but i am pulling a total blank. What is the name of your Curency? *with the little L shape*? or does anyone know where a convertor is to american?
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Looks like a good tank though if its reasonably priced and doesn't sky rocket.. *Sorry still can't remember the currency name or i would look it up*
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Its Euros.
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