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Ketapang Leaves

This is a discussion on Ketapang Leaves within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Hi gang. Has anyone use Ketapang leaves ? I bought some for the first time and my discus and blue rams are more active ...

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Ketapang Leaves

Hi gang.

Has anyone use Ketapang leaves?
I bought some for the first time and my discus and blue rams are more active than ever. It seems to release the smell of tea which makes me drool.

On the side note, my tank water has yellowish tint but all the fish love it(Remember, most of my fish are from Amazon.).:) None of the fish I own are from hard, alkaline water so I got an advantage to use it to replicate their habitat.

Ketapang leaves also act like peat or blackwater extract but this one's cheaper than any of the two as I can get the leaves in our garden anyway. I have used blackwater extract before and it was expensive.

I asked my friends locally and one of them has trees with the same leaves. I didn't know I could just get some for free considering I never knew we also have a tree which has leaves I can use for my tank. Now, I can get a lot anytime without spending a cent.

P.S. I'm getting a CO2 tank system soon. *Gulp* Should be good enough to make a heavily-planted tank.
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WOW, going high tech planted. COOL. Make sure you upgrade the lights as well.

The benefits of the leaves look good. The only BIG problem I can see is any decaying plant would increase the amount of ammonia. Unless you have shrimps in the tank to eat the leaves, I would avoid using the actual leaves. I would just stick with the extract or use driftwood.
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Hi Eddie.

I do intend to upgrade the lighting. Should be done this November and then I'm rescaping my tank. I do have shrimps. Will add more as soon as I'm done with the rescaping.:)

New pics should appear probably by December.
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