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You are amazing herefishy. I must say you are very knowledgeable and a true fish hobblist with a deep passion.
Thanks for being such a helpful member. :)

Why don't you post some pic of your tanks and let us admire :)
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What we have been discussing have been my "pets" for a long time. Reverse flow filtration has been one of my "babies since around 1981. The "layered" filtration followed shortly after when I found that reverse did not work as a "stand alone" system in large tanks.

The layered philosophy then took on a form of its own. Gradually it became bigger than reverse flow and actually enveloped th RF idea. Any tank using multiple filtering systems is a form of layered filtration. Reverse flow is just one element of the total layered system.

I have tried to take pictures of my tanks and my fishroom. However, I live in a house that is over 160 years old, built in the 1840's. It has been added on, remodeled, and just lately burned up(Not that bad really). But it has lighting that is well below inferior. We restored the house as a period piece. The light and fixture choices were very limited. Add to the fact that all "show" tanks are placed in little "set-backs" or alcoves. Flash from the camera just glares. And believe me I have tried everything at my disposal, including shooting in the dark which actually made the problem worse. Even with the editing programs on the computer, any fixes only make the pictures look worse.

Maybe one day, when I quit buying fish, I will invest in some good photographic equipment, specifically lighting, that will allow me to be a decent photographer. Right now though, there are just too many fish to buy, breed and feed.
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Originally Posted by herefishy
The reverse flow adapter kit, standard with the Marineland 660r (r=reverse flow), has the pieces needed to make a power sponge filter. The kit is also available if one wants to use one of the other Marineland powerheads. I have used the kit, purchased separately, on the Marineland 1140 powerheads in many of my larger tanks. The sponge filter attaches to the input side of the power head. There is an adapter that allows for connection on the lift tubes of the filter plates. The powerheads also come with two optional type of devices that secure it to the tank. One being a hang-on and the other a suction cup mount. I am using both in different tanks an they seem to work equally well.
I needed to see it to understand. I was over at my sister's place today for barbecue, and her boyfriend's got a Texas cichlid and a firemouth in a big tank with reverse flow under-gravel filtration (in addition to HOB's, Magnum canisters, and even a nifty Marineland stand-alone HOB biowheel). I didn't realize the sponges were on the standard "output" of the powerhead, which becomes the input when doing it reverse-flow.

If you didn't have the reverse flow UGF going, and just wanted power-sponge filters, could you just omit the reverse flow kit, poke some holes in a lift tube and stick a piece of open-cell foam on the end, seal the end of the tube and stick the powerhead on top? Sorry to hijack the thread like this!
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I suppose you could but why? Why not take advantage of all of th bacteria in the gravel? Why not use the reverse flow to keep your substrate healthier and cleaner?
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