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The drawback to buying online, in most cases, has one major drawback, live fish guarantee. Most reputable lfs's have the warranty. The rigors of getting DOA fish replaced or refunded online may not be worth the hassle.

The plus side to buying fish online, as you noted, is the availability of some species. Prices seem better, but when the shipping costs are added in, most times it is not such a good deal.

The weight of a 135g set up, or any aquarium for that matter, is actually less per square foot than many large domestic refrigerators or freezers per square foot. An amazing fact, but it's true. I have even run calculations, being an unbeliever at first. The tank filled and decorated will be in the neighborhood of 1300#. The square foot loading is somewhere around 120lbs/sf, less than an adult man. A full refrigerator or freezer rates in the area of 135#-150#/sf. Most structures built today are over designed, meaning that loading of structural elements, floors, roofs, walls, ect, are over designed to be able to not only carry dead loads, but live and impact loads as well. I would highly recommend, short of demanding, that the tank be level and placed near a supporting element, such as a wall( not many people put their tanks in the middle of the living room, I don't think). That it has a foundation pier below it. Exterior walls are a good example. This is best in structures using wood floor joists. This will aid in preventing, or at least minimize, any deflection, bowing, of the floor joists below the aquarium. The main stress element would the not be deflection, but shear stresses. These stresses are nominally much higher and are designed into the element. If the tank is being placed on a slab floor or foundation, placement location is not as critical.
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Thanks herefishy, i gonna try the LFS for now but would you know if there are any good online store?
About the location of the tank.....is on the ground floor in my dinning room, so it should not be a problem, thanks though.
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aquabid or some sites dedicated to cichlids would be my first choices. Most dedicated sites have dedicated hobbyists that are just like you and I. Many of these sites have excellent Classified boards for buying and selling of livestock, supplies and equipment also.

But as far as some of hhe "bread and butter" cichlids, your lfs would have better prices. Many can and will order what you want also. You may even get a price break since the shop will get immediate return on their money spent on the order. Mine lfs's give me discounts that are quite generous.
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Thanks. I'm very incline to having African Chichlid so the next step for me would be to look up the internet to see what i like then head to lfs to see if they have or would they order for me.
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Originally Posted by Dave66
Originally Posted by live2bet
Thanks for the detailed comment.....i'm lost of words..... I can tell you really have a vast knowledge and a great passion for fish. How long have you had this hobby herefishy?
As for me, I'm still searching for informations and understanding of my options. BTW, can i keep my Red Oscar (she is about 6-7 inches) with some African cichlids?
Your Oscar is from the neutral to slightly acid and moderately soft waters of Peru and Brazil. The African rift lake Cichlids come from waters quite hard and alkaline, say pH 8.2 and general hardness in the mid-20's.
You can keep your Oscar, but keeping him with African Cichlids is doing both of them a disservice. As said above, removing the Oscar opens innumerable options for your tank. Keeping him limits you a great deal. Your Oscar will grow to 14 inches. Since it is already established, adding three or four more Oscars would be trouble. You could keep him with six Tinfoil Barbs, as they reach the same size as the Oscar. The barbs are schooling fish, so six is what you should get.
Bob (herefishy) is one of the few keepers here who have kept fish longer than I have. He's in his 45th year; I'm in my 36th.

Actually 46 years, Dave, but who's counting. I must say, though, the hobby has come a long way since the metal frame tanks and box filters I started with. And to think that at age nine, I thought that I was standing, being nice here(lol), in tall cotton with a 10g steel framed tank, box filter, a ton of elodea, a calico oranda, and a black moor. Man, that was a long time ago.
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Bob my friend, just trying to not indicate your age with the 45 :)

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herefishy, Interesting observation on weight of aquarium verses weight of fridge, freezer I would not have guessed it to be so. I was thinking also about support . I have seen 30 gal. tanks set up on card tables, 10 gal. tanks on TV trays, and very large tanks sitting on wooden pallets and cinder block. I believe those to be a recipe for disaster and would urge every one to always use proper stand whether it be custom built or otherwise. :)

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Thinking of keeping about 20 to 30 african cichlids or maybe more, any recommendation what size and breed?
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Bread and butters will be less expensive., Pseudotrpheus, Haplochromis, ect. Be advised that if you choose Tropheus sp. they are total vegetarians, no animal matter at all in their diet.

There are so many fish from the Rift Lakes, some estimate over 1000 species of cichlids, that you will have no problem choosing. Acquiring may be a different story. Make a list of what you like. Post it and get comments.
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Hi Live2Bet,

I wish I had your problem too :D , but with 6 tanks already....I don't need it right now! Besides, we're trying to sell our house, so I'm actually supposed to be downsizing!

I don't have as much experience keeping fish as many do here, I just wanted to add a few comments about live plants.

Having live plants in a tank can be just as enjoyable as the fish. It's neat to watch them grow and they often add a dimension to tanks that you cannot get with fake ones. Besides, they are great filters for your water and can help maintain a healthy ecosystem in any tank. I know of some people that only use plants - no filters and no aeration of any kind. With that said, it is fun to "mix it up" with some fake ones too that have unusual colors or that may not be suitable for your water parameters.

Like all the choices of fish...there are many choices for plants and decorations too. Pick and chose what you like, do your homework and don't be afraid to experiment a little. That's what this hobby (lifestyle?) is all about! Have fun! 8)
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