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well it works.free algae sheets.i have tried some with several invertabrates that seem to consume it and especialy the tangs that gobble it up....

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Alot of people have been doing aquaponics for some time now. the main problem in them is a lack potassium and phosphorus which is needed for fruiting and flowering plants. nitrates are great for leafy greens though.

a backyard setup would be much easier to set up then an in door setup. be cheaper too because the sun would provide all of your lighting. to solve the problem with the P and K ferts a chicken coop or rabbit cage can be set up over the top of the fishtank so all of their waste drops into the water and giving the plants everything they need.

the main thing to consider is what type of hydroponic setup you would like to build. an Ebb and flow setup is a very simple setup. a raised bed filled with a substraight like pea gravel, clay balls, or lavarock can all be used. inside the bed is a drain and a fill tube. the drain is raised a few inches and all thats needed is a timer to turn on a pump a few times an hour.

water fills the bed and excess will flow out the raised drain --> pump shuts off water drains back down into the tank drawing fresh oxygen down into the plants roots --> repeat

youtube has alot of examples of homemade aquaponic setups as well as large commercial setups. very intresting stuff.
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