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Originally Posted by willow
the tanks lookin really good. :)

don't use carbon,you don't need it :),you want the toxins to build
that is the way the cycle goes.
if you are using fish to cycle the only thing you need do
is small water changes,to help the fish.
I'm using fish flakes. I used a fish cycle once but it was an accident :( It made me so sad, I was all like "Oh no!!! I'm killing fish " I don't have anything else to put in my filter other then the carbon it came with. Plus it's a biowheel and it claims to remove toxins when it water touches the wheel. So if I just removed the carbon... The bacteria would still build up in my filter right? :S Ahh it's been cycling for like 4 days... maybe 5. I have a lot of ammonia but nothing else has built up yet. Possibly due to the carbon? I'm not putting fish in the tank, I'm sure it would help but I would feel horrible doing that... Plus it doesn't seem right for someone who won't even drink milk to willingly kill my pets :( But it won't matter that there is nothing in the filter as long as there is no fish correct? Lol thanks.
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the biowheel filter on my 29g tank only has a mech pad, and a biowheel, and thats it, and it stays perfectly clear unless i get overzealous during feeding time :)

and I cycled it the same way. if you get some funky smells in your tank, you add medication, or add driftwood that hasn't completely soaked, then you would add carbon to remove those contaminants. other than that I don't bother, and it wont adversely affect how your tank cycles.

as far as adding fish, just stick to the fishless cycle that you are doing now. it works great, just keep in mind you have a long way to go! try to be patient fizzy :)

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Ha thanks!
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Yesterday I added 12 Ghost Shrimp, 11 Flame Tetras and 2 Blue Gouramis to my tank.

Today I added floss from the filter at my local fish store.
They gave it to me free.. And enough of it to fill an entire basket on my fx5 filter.

The bag my lfs provided to me free:

Most of the contents moved to my fx5 filter. I pulled some for my 15 tank. That's all that is missing.

My two new Blue Gouramis

A few of my 11 new Flame Tetras:

And my ghost shrimp.
I totally got a picture. But I can't see him in the picture. I am positive he is in it though!! He should be just above the center of the picture.
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activated carbon does not slow down the nitrogen cycle. it is perfectly fine to use stress zyme , read the instructions and use it accordingly. in fact, we don not want to build toxins in a tank , what we are looking for is that ammonia c onverts to nitrites an nitrites to nitrates. toxins accumulate in a tank, activated carbon produces a relief in that accumulation, and the water changes (new water with same parameters as those of the main tank, incluiding temperature) will dillute those toxins.
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A ha, I used the macro lense and got a picture of these shy little buggers.

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wish my camra was as good as that. :)
i love shrimp.
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I have a Canon S3 IS, I used a macro lense to get the desired effect.
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SHow us a piture of the whole tank now that it has fish! :)
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they look really nice, keep the pictures coming
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