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Well as an update I think I was confused and read about the diffusers that also act as a bubble counter and thought I didnt need one. I plan on making a bubble counter tonight and running the co2 into my filter intake. Glad I have extra tubing, still not sure how everything will end up. Circulation seems important too so I think Ill be adding a Rio 600 to help churn it around. I also read about misting and may run the co2 into the powerhead Rio and have that go into clear tubing with holes along the bottom of the tank to get the bubbles in contact with the plants. I havent read or figured out if this method will also saturate enough co2 into the water or not, I think I have too much downward flow and not enough circulation from side to side.

I also considered a DIY method with an old gravel vac and bioballs but my circulation issue makes me think it wont be effective until I get the powerhead. Still after 8 hours reading on my phone at work and I dont know which kinda diffuser works best as in store bought.
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If you are injecting it into a canister or internal filter it should probably be enough to absorb a decent amount into the water. As far a diffusers go, I prefer the glass ceramic diffusers.

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Cool, I was thinkink about that just not sure if one brand was better. It figures I bought a powerhead at walmart and the one I looked at was fine but I had to get the one sealed in plastic and when I got home the UG intake is all busted up. My sons birthday party is today but I should have time to hook everything up today, bubble counter was easy to make.
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Its mostly up and running. Co2 is working and it seems like I can fine tune it enough. Had to leave so I turned it off. It is just running into the Regent powerhead right now. The powerhead isnt turning on unfortunately and the one I got last night was broken, this is the one I exchanged it for, last time I buy a regent product.
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After almost a tube of silicone I am giving up on the bubble counter I made. Just going to finish the excel I have while I wait on the one I ordered.
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And an update. I got my bubble counter today which works great. My newest known problem is that I can't get a steady flow from the needle. The gauge showing output to the needle seems to fluctuate due to the needle restricting flow too much. Its like it restricts it more then less then more and I can't get a stabilized psi plus it seems to change over time. I think I need a more precise or rather better designed needle for this purpose.
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Clippard responded to me saying the 4 series is the most precise that they have which I pretty well knew. I ordered and will post an update at some point on how its doing.
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Well surprise surprise I have a new problem. The MNV-4K2 is much smaller than the series 1, probly why I saw the term mini somewhere. The thread on it is 10-32 much smaller than anything the harware store, napa, or advanced auto had so I am checking home depot today. I have several adapters and things from places so I think I just need to find an female 10-32 to 1/8 or any other standard NPT (national pipe thread) and I should be able to use it. New to thiss tuff but I think I need some lock tight to keep the pieces from loosening.

In summary I have the tank, dual gauge regulator, silicone tubing, series 4 needle valve, soon to have an adapter, bubble counter from ebay, and running into a canister filter.
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I buy my fertilizer from Planted Aquarium Products | CO2 Regulator | Green Leaf Aquariums He carries CO2 equipment as well. As far as a reactor goes, you can try a glass diffuser and set it close to the filter intake. I've read the CO2 goes into the filter and gets broken up into smaller particles then dispersed into the tank through the outake. Or you can buy a reactor w/ a pump which is supposed to allow for even better dispersal. I have toyed with the idea of adding co2 to my 20g. I've purchased everything except for the co2 canister. For a small tank I'm going to use a glass diffuser to see how it goes. I also bought a regulator with a solenoid so that the co2 will shut off when the lights go out. I don't need to worry about finding floating fish the next morning.
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I talked to a guy at clippard and he ended up telling me I could stop by to get the adapter piece. I stopped after class today and he gave me a bag of about 10 different adapters. My system is up and running now at about 1 bubble a second straight into my canister filter intake. I have a power head aimed for circulation of the water returning from my canister filter. I still use my HOB filter at the moment but I guess I should cut it off, just paranoid of waking up to the fishy apocolypse. I am going to try this for a while and see whether I need or want to mess with a Co2 dissolver (reactor diffuser whatever). I am nearly out fo my Kent fertilizer and have an unopened bottle of Seachem flourish I'd kind of like to use. I ordered dry chemicals from I will at some point mix and try out.

My only concern now is that the Co2 bubble escapes from my intake as it leaves the tank before being sucked down to the filter. I am not aware of a way to check this so I guess I'll just wait and monitor levels to see if it is getting into the water. I have a Rena XP 2 and they have the lid on the intake to prime it. The lid is screwed on but I have no idea if it is air tight or if a bubble of Co2 would travel with the flow of water or rise to the surface lol. I should know soon enough though.
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