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heater question

This is a discussion on heater question within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> i dont think (though i have not used the newer visitherm heaters) that you can even remotely go by the numbers on the heater. ...

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i dont think (though i have not used the newer visitherm heaters) that you can even remotely go by the numbers on the heater. the 200 watt heater in my 110g tank is set to 84 degrees or something to keep it at 78 <shrug> just one of those things.
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I have a renacal top light 150 watt in my 30 tall that is heating the water too high. I originally thought it may be the stream of bubbles messing it up so I moved it next to the intake of the power filter. Yesterday I moved it to a corner where there's lower flow thinking maybe the flow was messing it up. I've got it turned down to 72 and the water is still 84 or 85 and the heater cycles on. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes on and then quite a while off, but with the temp that high it shouldn't turn on at all.

So, from reading this thread, I should move it back under the intake and turn it down further and if it still gets too hot, buy a better heater?

So far, the only heater I've been happy with is the visitherm stealth in my 55. Does anyone have suggestions for what they've found to be reliable?
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I hate to say it, but for a 30g id just buy a tetra automatic one. they are preset to 78 and i have not had a single problem with the 3 or 4 that I have. Then down the road you can get a good stealth to keep in the drawer to treat ich and things like that, if you wanted the flexibility.
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Well, I was at petsmart and didn't see the heater you mentioned.

I moved it right next to the emporer's intake tube and turned it down, the temp is down from 85 to 82. Could the heater be off by that much? It's set to 72 now, and I can only go down a couple more degrees. I don't want the temp to drop too quickly so I'll notch it down again in a day or two.

I wonder what will happen when the temp of the house drops from 79 to 69 in winter, I'll probably have to notch it up every day again. Or buy a better heater. Yeah, that.
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The numbers on the top are only approximations, and for the temp right at the sensor to boot. Depending on how the heater is oriented the sensor could be triggered long before the tank is warmed. Heaters work best if nearly horizontal. This exposes much more of the tank volume to the heating element and puts the temperature sensor three inches or more from the heating element and heated water. If you put the heater in vertically it'll be almost impossible to predict how hot the tank will get. When the heater is installed vertically the warmed water will flow up and over the temperature sensor immediately blanketing it in warmed water long before the rest of the tank warms up. Putting the heater near the filter intake isn't a bad idea, just make sure its almost horizontal.
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I use the Jager heaters, which are meant to be top of the line, and I still have problems with that. It's just sorta how it goes, expecially if your house is 79 degrees right now. What is the wattage of your heater? Is the indicator light ever on to indicate that it's heating? Otherwise it could just be heat generated from your lights and such that are keeping your tank warm.
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I think it's 100, it may be 150, I forget. I got it at drsfostersmith. Was going to get another stealth but these were on clearance and looked good, but it's new.

Yeah, the light goes on, I now have it turned all the way down. This morning it was heating and the temp was 82.

I guess I'll look for a better heater next time I'm ordering. I have a single 15 watt bulb in the hood. I don't think the water should be warmer than the room. At least it's cooling off these days...
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