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heater failure?

Hey all, i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas as to test how well a heater is working properly? i got a new thermometer and found my tank was 90 degrees, so much for the stick on thermometers being accurate.. :-/ but i was wondering if my heater was acting up cuz its getting cold and its over compensating cuz it is so close to the glass and not the center of the aquarium? I have spare heaters but i dont know if those are functioning properly either since they are all old :(
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How much circulation do you have in your tank? And what part of the tank did you take the temp from(top middle or bottom)?

I've noticed since I switched from power filters to sponge filters there is a pretty good difference from the top tank water temp to the bottom. Even more so when I didn't have enough air running through them to help move the water, the bottom was like 72 or 73 and the top was at 81.....

If this is not the case, if your heater keeps the temp stable even if it is too high, just re-adjust you dial down until it gets in the range you want it to be at, I do this currently with my 200 watt aquaeon heater, it stays stable its just inaccurate.
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well i ahve a canister, the temp is pretty stable throughout, i moved the thermometer arounda bit and it didnt change in temp much. I also played with the knob on the heater, but i cant tell which direction is cool and which is hot. I just unplugged it for now and hope that it doesnt get too cool overnight.. :-/
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All I can suggest is to keep tabs on the temperature. I remember a long time ago I got a defective heater which was positively demented. It would over heat, and when I turned it back down a degree or two, it would not turn on at all.
Got a new heater.

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Heater problems? May i ask what type of heater do you have and what is the wattage? I have had alot of trouble with different types of aquarium heaters too.. I have had the same problems with overheating and then the heaters will quit working or be so radical in the temp variances it's scary! I use marineland stealth visi-therm heaters in all my aquariums[ 10 are currently in use]. I like them because they are sturdy[ no glass to break and are also inconspicuous, and are completely submersible.. But, i had 6 of them go nuts 3 years ago... I replaced them through the company and found out that the marineland company had a recall on them for these problems.. The newest version to correct these problems has a lighted adjustment knob to indicate whether or not the heater is "on"... Heaters are expensive, and so is your livestock... It is frustrating, huh...? I don't like the glass models as they can and do break[ my oscars taught me that years ago...] and the titanium models are outrageous in price[ my personal opinion only ] i still advocate the stealths, but perhaps one of the other members can suggest a product? The 20 stealth heaters i have now appear to be behaving themselves... Cindy
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Well it seems my heat sensor is gone but the output is ok, i have mine set on the lowest heating setting and its on all the time but my water is stable at 78 now. Still going to get a new one, just not as rushed as before.
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Originally Posted by twocents View Post
All I can suggest is to keep tabs on the temperature. I remember a long time ago I got a defective heater which was positively demented. It would over heat, and when I turned it back down a degree or two, it would not turn on at all.
Got a new heater.

Can i just add i had the same problem when i woke up the light was off so i panicked and turened it up, the light came on, the next morning the same so i wnadered if it was broken... But the thing is they only turn on when they need to hewat the water so when it is say 25degrees and thats waht youve set it wont heat if it gets lower it will start heating..

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