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Glass top

I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on where to find a new glass top for my tank. I recently bought a used 65 gal. bow front tank. It has a glass top that is 2 for each side of the tank (tank split with a bar across the middle). One of the sides is broken and taped together. I have looked on numerous websites and no one has a 65 gal. bow front listed. Is this something I need to have made custom and if so who would do it?

Help please!
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My suggestion would be to go with acrylic for your tank top, you can purchase sheets of it at Lowe's or Home Depot.........Hopefully you have a jigsaw or know someone who does to custom cut it for you.............A glass shop could probably cut you a piece of glass for it, but i think the cheaper way to go would be the acrylic
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Is acrylic okay next to the problems warping or melting?
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Check the measurements, if the tank is a standard, then there should be a top out there for you. IF its custom then you will need to get an alternative. Acrylic will require much DIY time since if you want a door you will need drill and add a hinge to it. It will also not match your other side if its glass so you may need to make 2. Cutting acrylic is fairly easy as it is soft and not brittle like glass. Its generally accepted though that acrylic is not as clear, but that shouldn't affect your light too much.

In terms of melting, acrylic does melt and warp, ive seen a biorb warp from a heater. However, there are diffrent grades of acrylic, some will withstand much more heat than others. If anything the light can be raised with standoffs and give some air between the bulbs and the acrylic to vent heat.

Last thing to consider is that acrylic scratches easily and if you are used to keeping stuff on top, you may end up with lots of lttle scratches and it will ruin the clarity of the view from top - down.

Of course all this is only if its not a standard tank. Check sites like
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To see if they have a hood in your measurments.
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i would think it all depends on the intensity and heat from the light, the closeness to the light and the thickness of the acrylic.........I've seen it used before, but never really paid attention to distance from the light or thickness of the acrylic.........
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not relating to fish, but I mod computers and lots of modders use acrylic to cover parts of their hardware. Sometimes the acrylic will be exposed to pretty high heat and be perfectly ok. But again, I have seen a biorb with a warped area because of a heater in the tank. If you do go the acrylic route, just use something to raise the light if your worried about melting or warping.
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