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Originally Posted by noside View Post
Just wanted to drop my .02 in regards to canister filters. I really like the Marineland canisters. I have 3 of them 2 C-220's and a 160. Not only do they include a full description down to every screw in the canisters on the instructions but they also all include all media needed and a DVD with instructions as well in case you can't follow the very complete written instructions.

The price is also phenomenal IMO.

I use a custom PVC spray bar on all of them along with a surface skimmer for the intake.

could you post a pic of your spray bar and surface skimmer? im rather satisfied with both my fluval 306 and the xp2 but the inlet and outlet for these i dont really like.
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Originally Posted by rexpepper651 View Post
could you post a pic of your spray bar and surface skimmer? im rather satisfied with both my fluval 306 and the xp2 but the inlet and outlet for these i dont really like.
The Spray bar consists of all 3/4" ID pvc. Its assembled as followed:[1] 3/4" male (FPT)threaded and barbed for whatever size hose you need to adapt to,[2] PVC female threaded to straight female to accommodate [3] 3/4" OD pvc section, Mine is only about 2" long and barely visible, [4] 3/4" ID pvc coupler (female/female), [5] 3/4" street 90*, [6] 3/4" street 90*. This connection is the only one that is important to measure for because its where it has to clear the rim of the tank. My 55 was a little wider them 30 so I had to leave just a little space here. [7] another 3/4" street 90*, [8] however wide you want your spray bar to be cut to length leaving an additional 3/4" for the [9]cap on the end.

Everything is PVC solvent fit besides the barbed fitting on the end which is threaded into the PVC. Here I would recommend using some Teflon tape for a good life long seal.

I drilled holes in the front and bottom of the bar in varying sizes. I wasn't using the bar for circulation I have a circ pump right under it to move the water I wanted even distribution of the water.

IMO when drilling holes I don't want any back pressure on the pump caused by the piping. so I would look to have the water push away from the bar when out of water not more then an inch when you are measuring straight out height equivalent with the bar.

I'm handy so I fabbed up a pressure gauge to measure the before and after install pressure so I could get it just right but thats not for everyone lol.

As you can see the surface skimmer is nothing special. I picked mine up at a lfs for $10 you can get it here Aquarium Surface Skimmer

It comes with a little accordian hose as a connector but the marineland comes with that black downspout you see so all I had to do was use a piece of clear tubing as a connector. It works great and its adjustable so you can make it work with any flow rates.

And my baby blue diamond just because I was at it and he was checking me out
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I'm a big fan of having a surface skimmer.

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thats very awesome! yeah ive been contemplating the skimmer and spray bar for a while now. thats really great set up! i dont get much water movement down to the end of my tanks so i think this would help alot more and the surface skimmer help keep down on the protein film. i really appreciate it. and that discus is beautiful!
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