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My dwarf frogs sometimes play tug-of-war with a bloodworm when i feed them, which usually degrades into a fight, then them sulking in opposite corners of the tank. Not sure why they do it, there's always plenty of other worms around them when they do, i'm assuming that they are either stupid or just playing. Or both! Neihter of them hurt each other when they fight, they just roll around and try and get the worm out of the others mouth by flailing at him!
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LOL! That's great.

I'll try the bubbles, but somehow I think the ping-pong ball would scare the crap out of my betta. (Picturing the betta hiding thinking its being attacked)
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M guppies stay occupied with everything!!Sometimes they stare at eachother than back away from eachother.Than ma catfish starts flippin out!!
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Sadly I can't take credit for this, it's something i found when browsing youtube, but i quite like the idea - keeping your fish fed AND entertained!
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My dwarf is pretty darn smart. And hey, Mythbuster's prove that fish DO have memories and can learn. (None of this 10 second business.)

Anyway I doubt if I need toys for him... he's very busy you know. He has a routine check of the entire tank he does for food regularly. He takes his time. And he's very thorough. He moves... in little... spurts... check.. swim.. check.. swim.. right... left... right.. left.. on this plant, then under the plant. He's very calculated and systematic. I don't think he's very bored.

It's interesting, the other day the bloodworms drifted to an area I don't normally feed him by. I can actually POINT food out to him with my finger, and he'll swim over and get it. But once he's found food in one place, he just adds that spot to the regiment after that point. :)

I think my small Oto might be his "toy." He's forever going in for close looks at it and trying to nose it.

Still searching for answers.
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