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which filtration system is better

Ok, I just got a 90 gallon tank that is setup for a 'in the stand' filter system. I dont really know what to get. I have found so much stuff on so many different websites. You guys seem to have the most dependable knowledge, please help. Here are two things I came across, I am open to any suggestions, however I am a broke college student so the money is tight.


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Thanks. I just realized it was in the wrong spot.
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First of all, what type of fish are you planning to keep? This would help a great deal when deciding the type and amount of filtration you will need.
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Chiclids most likely.
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Cichlids are waste machines, therefore, heavy filtration should be recommended. Multiple types of filtration are the most effective waty of filtering your tank. I have larger tanks in which I keep my cichlids, anywhere from 75g to my large 300g tanks. All tanks are utilizing multiple systems. I use undergravel filters (more on how in a moment) w/ powerheads utilizing reverse flow, both internal and external power filters, and cannister filters. This is not going to be cheap.

Some are going to blink in disbelief when they read that I use ug filters in a cichlid tank with cichlids being such excavators. I simply put a small layer of gravel ove the plate, just enough to be even with the vanes. I then apply a cheesecloth material using a silicone adhesive to the top of the vanes and apply the cheesecloth. I then finish adding the substrate. This system is powered by powerheads using the reverse flow method. Marineland 660r are usually the powerhead I use, but the Marineland 1140's can also be used with the reverse flow adaptor purchased seperately.

For internal powerheads, I use the Fluval+ series, usually the 3+ or the 4+. These I mount in the corners of my tank. I am very partial to the Emperor 400 power filter for an external power filter.

My canister filters are, for the most part, Magnum 350's. I use two on my 90g. My last setup utilized the new Magnum 360. The latter is much more expensive, but has features that make it easier to clean and is descended from pond filters in design. They use compartmentized systems to provide filtration and buffering options. I have not had them long enough to give an educated critique on them. My lfs wanted me to try them and gave me a deal as long as I let him know how I like them.

So, as you see, multiple systems is, in my opinion, the way to go. It allows you to forego the basic stocking rules and add a few more fish. Trios are best with a ratio of 1 male to 2-3 females. Any questions feel free to PM me.
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