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filtration flunk

hey what kind of filtration system can i use for 2 platys 2dalmation mollys 4 guppys and 3 headstanders its a 20 gallon tank so i dont know what to get for filtration
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Your space and tank layout may dictate what you can use. Biowheels and cannister filters are pretty popular. I prefer Eheim cannister filters myself. You want to make sure your chosen filter does a minimum of 100g per hour flow rate at a minimum.
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thanks does anyone else have sugestions
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Folks: I moved this thread as the current location seemed appropriate.

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like i said anybody else got anysuggestions
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go with a penguin biowheel filter. For a 20 gallon tank it will be the best and easiest filter to use. I would go for the 50 gallon filter though...always best to go overboard. The biowheel is one of the best designs for colonizing beneficial bacteria and really makes the penguin and emperor filters some of the best on the market.

Mike H
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Aqua Clear 30 HOB filter or larger. Canister filter of any higher brand for 30 gallon or higher. Any biowheel filter for a 30 gallon or higher.
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i was thinkin more like the eclips filtration system would that work
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From what I have experienced and read about them they are ok but no one recommends them if you want to have anything more than bare minimum number of fish. They don't keep up with most tanks as far as filtration and are hard to clean. They are not customizeable so you have no options but to replace the filter cartridge every 2 weeks or so. Pretty much I would place them just above internal filters as far as rating them against other filters.
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I have a 3 gallon eclipse system. In the tank i keep a dwarf puffer and a bumblebee goby. This system isnt the best but with the biowheel it works wonders on my little 3 gallon tank. The place for the cartridge really only fits that and i have been able to stuff a packet of Phos-X or Algone in with it but thats about it. Personally i prefer it over the Penguin as i have used those and had the motor die within 2 months. Though a canister filter would be ideal, if money is an issue go for the Aquaclear brand. They work wonders and are similar to canisters where you can put just about any media you want inside of it. Hope that helps a little.
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