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Filters, filters everywhere...

This is a discussion on Filters, filters everywhere... within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> First, I don't think I would put a canister on anything smaller than a 55g. They are typically just too powerful for small tanks ...

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Filters, filters everywhere...
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First, I don't think I would put a canister on anything smaller than a 55g. They are typically just too powerful for small tanks and most do not throttle flow down very well without risking motor issues due to back pressure. Unlike a common myth, good filtration is not about high gph, but filtering ultra fine particles from the water.
But for those determined on canisters, the Ehiem, Rena and Fluval's seem to be the top choices.
As for HOB's, I just don't like cartridge filters even if they have plastic plates or spinning wheels. They are very convenient to maintain, but the cartridges can be expensive and contain small amounts of carbon which is ineffective very soon. And as I've said many times here, it's like the inexpensive razors with the very expensive blades (the money is in the consumables!).

For HOB's my choice would be either the AquaClear or the Fluval C series, both made by Hagen. Both allow the fish keeper to determine the filter media. The AquaClear has a single removable basket, but all contents must be removed to service the mechanical media on the bottom. Some complain about this but I don't see it as a big deal really.
The Fluval 'C' series has three (3) separate compartments for mechanical. chemical and bio (so you could service the mechanical sponge w/o touching the chemical or bio. It also features a new wet/dry drip feature that is quite unique in HOB filters.
Either of these would be great filters and a hard choice. I think for a single all-around HOB, I just might pick the Fluval over the Aquaclear.

(disclaimer: I have two AquaClear 70 HOB filters on my 60g tank and like them very much.)
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