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Filter upgrade needed?

Ok, so I have an approximately 25 gallon freshwater aquarium with an Aqueon 20 filter. My tank has a lot of really fine organic matter floating around and my current filter isn't touching it. My water params are not an issue.

Is it time to suck it up and get a good Aquaclear 30? What media should I use? How do I change filters without having to re-cycle my tank?
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Interesting... either the filter should suck it up, or its supposed to settle on the gravel... Unless you have a strong current in there. Does the filter not suck anything up, or does it just blow it back out?
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Just blows it back out. The filter cartrage is just poly batting with some long forgotten carbon sewn into it.
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Not sure about the filter, but I would guess you can just change the filter media inside
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It's the prepackadged kind, no room for additional media.
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You could add a second filter instead of "upgrading." I never take a filter off a tank unless the motor has died (or I'm temporarily moving it to a QT tank or something). Something like a Penguin 150 would be nice.

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I'd get an AC 70 or an emperor 280. Or you can get a smaller filter and run both.

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I don't have room in the back of my hood to run both.
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