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Filter pad clogged?!

Well I came home today to the sound of a waterfall. I open the lid to my Eclipse 3 hood and find that the water that should calmly flow over the pad to the biowheel is gushing across, luckily not spilling over by about 1mm. I thought the pump was out of wack for a moment, but then realized it must be the pad, so I changed it, and it was. I only had this one in for 4-5 weeks, and was going to change it in a few days, but had to resort to just dumping a new one in there after a minor tank water rinse.
The whole pad was BROWN, bacteria? I ripped the blue filter padding thingy off and it just tore, like it was a piece of cheese. My mom said it was rotten lol
Anyway, this is a first for me, anyone else ever have an issue like this? It wasn't actually clogged, so I'm just trying to bother someone for an explanation instead of searching the web.

Also, this shouldn't impact my bacteria colony to the point where my parameters spike, right? I get paranoid every time I change out the pad, I just really get to drench them before putting them in except now.

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So long as the biowheel is not disturbed there should be no issues with changing out the pads. Is good to get as much mileage as possible from the pads by rinsing them out in tank water at each water change and replacing them as you have,, when they begin to fall apart.

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Honestly, that's why I don't like hang on back filters...too much hassle for my smaller tanks I use internal filters, they get a clean up about 1xyear and that's it no monthly hassle (and the bigger one's got cansisters same thins)...not to mention the cost over time replacing that stuff every 4 weeks....naw

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Angel its no a HOB, its an eclipse hood with a built in filtration system !
As for cost of replacement it comes out to roughly 12 bucks every 3-4 months, I pay 10 and change for pack of cigs almost every day!

I'm just really surprised that this happened, it could've turned out much worse than it did though .
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Rinsing the filter in tank water will fix 99% of the problems. My filter wool gets clogged really fast so I give it a good swish in the dirty water every week and it's good as new.
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I give it a mini rinse with every water change, this is the first one to clog! I just wanted to be sure this wasn't beyond a simple clog.
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i have found that my pads new never clog until a couple months in, if the tank is clean. the more time passes, the more frequently they clog until they start to fall apart. heading out today to buy new filter pads for my penguin 200 lol

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I gave up my penguin bio-wheel filters and switched to AquaClears for that exact reason. My 45 gal. is about 10-15% overstocked bc i had no idea how big the fish i had would grow in such a short period of time.

before i get spanked verbally about the overstocking - i'll be moving the inhabitants to a 75 gal. as soon as we move in the spring so no worries there folks.

so, my filter pads would be pretty yucky with the weekly water changes. problem was, if i rinsed them in the tank water, they literally just fell apart. the pads couldn't handle the load in the tank.

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i usually rince mine with the water changes everyweek but then for about 24 hour after my tank is mucky looking. i usually replace my pad every 2-3 months

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aye, with my silly stocking levels in my 29 im considering going to AC filters also for exactly that reason lol

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