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Filter Media

Ok, I new to this! I have a Emperor 400 and Aqua Tech 30-60 on a 55 gallon tank. I am going to start cycling my tank here in the next day or so. Do I need to add any filter media while I am cyling my tank or wait til after it cycled? Thanks
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Add the filter media now. It is the largest surface area for beneficial bacteria to build on and is essential for a healthy tank to have your filter media well established with beneficial bacteria. The only way you would ever get away from this is if you are running UGF. Even then it is best to have media in the filters to hold bacteria since the filters get the most oxygen and therefore the best environment for bacteria to thrive.
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So what is the most benificial media to run now?
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Whatever you will be running when the cycle is over. Changing out media, unless it is strickly mechanical filtration will start mini cycles.
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Ok I guess im a little lost, HELP! :) As I said before I have the emperor 400. I guess I don't know what if any media I will have to use later, I see there is carbon, amonia, water softener, ect. How do I know what I will need to run later? Thanks for the help and sorry I a pain in the @$$ bout this just need knowledge!
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None of the fancy stuff, no carbon, definately none of the stuff that removes any of the ammonia, nitrites etc.

I assume it will take a cartidge. Most of them come with carbon, this is okay if you don't want to mess with modifying other stuff to fit. I did finally look it up and should have known. The filter has 2 biowheels. These are your biological filtration, they convert ammonia to nitrites and nitrites to nitrates as well as other surfaces in the tnak and the filter. To start out, if you do not have fish and are using ammonia to cycle then you do not need to add anything else. The cartridges can be added when you add fish.

I am actually getting an Emp 500 I think and I will not be using the cartridges. I am going to modify sponges that are meant for Aqua Clear filters or whatever else I can find that will fit. I hate wasting money on cartirdges and I don't use carbon so for me, the sponges and other media will work best.

So to answer your question:
If you are cycling with fish or food, then you need the cartridges.
If you are cycling with pure ammonia then you do not need to add them yet.

I hope that makes it a little clearer. Let us know if it doesn't. And don't worry about asking questions. Rather have to answer a few extra questions than not get things right and have the fish suffering.
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Fish, thank you for the reply! I was asking the question about the fillable chemical filtration media containers. I just see there is alot of media you can buy to fill them and just wanted to make sure that I didnt need to put anything in them.
Now that I read your reply over and over, I am going to cycle my tank with nothing in it, SO are you saying that I dont need to add the disposable filter cartridges yet (which do have carbon in them) and just let the bio wheels do the work at first?? If so, when do I add the disposable filters?!
If Im off my rocker PLEASE correct me!
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When you use the cartridges and replace them you remove any and all bacteria on them anyway so why use them right away and waste the money? The biowheels and other surfaces in the tnak and filter hold the bacteria. IF you use replaceable filter cartridges and a lof of bacteria grows on them during the cycle then you lose all of it when you remove them.

When I get mine I will have all the media in there while I cycle the tank but I will not be replacing any of it, just rinsing it out since it will all last a lot longer than replaceable cartridges.

I know, still confusing a little but hopefully that helps with what you plan to do.
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GOT IT........4 NOW!!! Thanks a million! Just watch for me to post again, that will prob be another problem! :D Here I go to set it up!
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