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Filter issues

This is a discussion on Filter issues within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> So I have an 39 high gallon fish tank, I have had it for a month and bought it from a friend. The bio-wheel ...

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Filter issues

So I have an 39 high gallon fish tank, I have had it for a month and bought it from a friend. The bio-wheel on the filter has stopped moving or slows down to a crawl. I thought it may be mineral deposits where it sits so I cleaned it out, but yet the problem persist. I think it maybe that water is leaking inside the wheel and setting it of balance. I probably will by a canister filter since the bio-wheel seems not to be cutting it. So I have narrowed it down to two filteres, a Rena xp1 or a Fluval 205. I am a college student so I am poor. The Rena is $61 and the Fluval is $105 something. So would the Rena suffice? Thanks, all input will probably help.
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Personally, I like the AquaClear best...

...I haven't had a canister for eons...but I hated changing media in the model I had...however I think all the newer models have addressed some of the old concerns...but it's still the most inconvenient type of filter to maintain.

Having said that...Fluval is popular...but might be a pain to prime...

Don't know about the Rena...some models are noiser than others...and I don't know how the Rena compares...

Regardless...40g isn't a huge tank...most filters should be able to cut it...

Biowheels are supposed to be quite good...again, noise level seems to be the major complaint with 55g came with 2 Emperor first experience with biowheels...I've had no problem with them...once I figured out that the previous owner put one together incorrectly...
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I agree with Rue that power filters are a very inexpensive option. You can get a decent 350 Gallon Per Hour model for only like $40. That will do the trick for your 40 gallons and more.

I have recently decided to move completely to canister filters just because I find that they are simpler to maintain. I only change the filter media every few months and in my opinion they are alot more effective than power filters. I am just a big canister fan.

I love the Eheim 2213, it was only $70 and you can load it with anything you want if you really want to change the media...

Anywho, either way you go is great. Check out


for some good prices :D :D :D :D :D :D
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I have a Fluval 305 on my tank. You should get a rena from They have free shipping.
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If the tank is in the bedroom go for Fluval. If you have rena you will probably never sleep again - it's so noisey. I have lost many nights sleep to that filter!
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