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Filter Breakdown

This is a discussion on Filter Breakdown within the Freshwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium category; --> Well Today I was doing a water change and when I was finished the filter started to break down on me. So I rinsed ...

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Filter Breakdown

Well Today I was doing a water change and when I was finished the filter started to break down on me. So I rinsed everything in tank water just in case if it was clogged up or whatever. That didn't work. Then I added water from the tank in the filter. That didn't really do anything either. lol So my last try was I put the filter into the aquarium water and it worked a little bit and net out some junk in the aquarium that came out of the filter. A minute later it started back working again. It was weird because it never breakdown on me like that for almost 10 mins straight.

Poor Kara( my 4 month old platy) was so stress from me netting out all of the brown junk in the aquarium that she almost killed herself by getting stuck between the rock and aquarium. She's fine though..

Hopefully it won't happen again because I literally had to clean my filter to get it back working(with tank water of course). Now what can I do to prevent from the filter breaking down on me again?
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the only think I can think to do is just make sure the propaler is kept clean along with everything else. Pull it apart and clean it up some every water change if you see fit. Thought I would think once a month would be more then enough
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there should be a way to take out the impeller, which is the little thing that goes round in round (i resisted from saying "swoosh swoosh!" lol) anyways it should come out and u just gotta clean the gunk in it.
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