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filter for 75 gal

It is highly likely that i will be getting a 75 gal tank this evening (assuming the people on craigslist are telling the truth about its condition) and while i won't be setting it up for a while, i was wondering what kind of filter people recommend. it will have a gravel substrate, probably not many planted plants (mostly floating) and the only fish i know for sure will be in it will be my common pleco. if any other info would be helpful let me know.

**I freely admit that most of the information I share I have learned from other people on this forum and am simply repeating. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and ask that if I say anything incorrect someone will kindly correct me**
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Well most people try to pick there filter according to the fisher needs. Like if the fish needs lots of currents or little current or if they have a heavy bio-load (like Common Pleco). If I was going to get a tank that size I would probably go with a Ehiem 2215.
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I've got a Rena XP3 running on my 75 gallon. It does a great job.

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pretty much any properly sized canister filter, with good media will do you good, but with so many good options it would be inposible to say, buy filter x, its the best... fwiw i ran a fluval 405 on my 75 planted, and was very pleased..
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I prefer canister filters due to the amount of media it can hold and the ability to keep it out of sight. I have a Rena XP2 on my 50g.

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AquaClear 110 if you opt for a HOB.
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Whatever kind you get, try and get 2 rather than 1. That's really helpful on a tank as large as a 75 gallon. I have 2 hang on the backs for mine, it makes sure there is enough water movement throughout the tank and it also allows for plenty of media. I've also had an issue where one broke down, and having 2 for the whole tank kept that from being a total disaster.
I have the Aquaclear 70 and the Penguin 350B for mine. I like the Aquaclear a lot, but wouldn't recommend the Penguin 350B because it has an extremely strong current that you can't adjust easily. I couldn't afford a canister filter, but those really are the best. If you can't get a canister filter you should at least try and get custom media, so that you can have foams and bio-material separate from the carbon, and that will really make the filter more useful. Aquaclear comes with decent media, but for the Penguin I've switched out the standard cartridge for bio-stars kept in filter sleeves and 3 different types of filter foam.
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I am using an ODYSSEA CFS 500 canister on mine and it is working great. I made my own intake pick up by using 3/4 CPVC pipe drilled and buried under the gravel in one corner to act as a bio prefilter.
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